36th AIR Regt. Cdrs WWII


 DUI, 36th Infantry Regiment

36th Armored Infantry Regiment WWII Commanders

Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks
COL Walton S. Walker 1942 – ? Original Bn Commander at Ft Polk
COL Edwin A. Smith 1943 – ?  
COL William L. Roberts 1943 – ?  
COL Graeme G. Parks 1944 Led Regiment at Normandy, was replaced July 18, 1944
COL William W. Cornog Jr 1944 Was killed in action August 9, 1944
LTC Jack R. Hutcheson 1944  
COL Louis P. Leone 1944  
COL Carl J. Rohsenberger 1944 Was replaced September 23, 1944
COL Robert L. Howze Jr 1944 – 1945 Led Regiment for remainder of war


Howze, Robert L.; Colonel; Combat Command "R" (reserve); 36th Armored Infantry Reg
Moran, Thomas J.; Lt Colonel; 2nd Battalion 36th Armored Infantry Reg
Orr, William R.; Lt Colonel; Task Force Commander; 1st Battalion 36th Armored Infantry Reg
Thomas, Gordon F.; Major; 3rd Battalion 36th Armored Infantry Reg

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