3-36 Infantry Photos


3d Battalion, 36th Infantry

   COA, 36th Infantry Regiment


Personal Photo’s

This page is dedicated to the photo’s of the 3d Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment and its veterans. If you have photo’s to contribute to this page, please contact the webmaster: Robert Briggs briggsupland@aol.com

Name Unit Year Email Address
Steve Borts HHC & C 75 -78 Fambor@aol.com 
Jeff Edgecomb D co 86-88 jedge1@mediaone.net 
Joe Schairer D co 86-88 jschairer@stl-inc.com
John Marshell 3-36 (Davie Crocket Section) marshalljohnr@bellsouth.net
Tom Herwer 3/36 1963 (DC Section) mox_nix@cablespeed.com
Dave Smith 3/36 1963 (DC Section) davesmithphotos@aol.com
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