Paul Pakenham


Photos provided by Paul Pakenham


Copy of pakenham - graf.jpg (144930 bytes)

The picture of my platoon with "ME" printed on it was in graf


pakenham-m113.jpg (70792 bytes)

I'm behind the .50 cal at graf on the .50 cal live fire range


pakenham-road-m.jpg (75296 bytes)

I'm the one with the cigar on top of the track. We're lined up waiting to move out from Graf to Hohenfels.

pakenham-plt.jpg (74420 bytes)

My plt in MOPP 1. I don't remember where this was taken.


pakenahm-buddies.jpg (54945 bytes)

My team leader, Sgt. Salinas and me at Hohenfels


pakenham-party.jpg (82632 bytes)

Some of my platoon drinking beer with some German infantry. It was at a German Kaserne called Schwartzenborne(spelling).
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