Al Benton Photo’s


Al Benton  1964-1967

Most were taken at Ayers Kaserne, Kirch-Goens Germany, I would guess in the years of 1964-1967. They are associated with the 2bn 36th Inf and of the Bn Maint guys. In the 1st group, top left to right: EM Club, Bowling Alley, Bn HQ’s 2/36, Post Chapel (I was married there), M-60 tanks at HHC 2/36 Bn Maint, and M-88 (my ride) loading at railhead for field exercise. Second group are top left to right: M-88 in the field, Post Cmdr. Lt Col Fink and 1st Lt McCurdy and last, Bn Maint mechanics with M-113 and HHC 2/36 Motor Pool













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