2-36 Infantry Photos


2d Battalion, 36th Infantry

 DUI, 36th Infantry Regiment


Personal Photos

This page is dedicated to the photo’s of the 2d Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment and its veterans. If you have photo’s to contribute to this page, please contact the webmaster  

Kirk Lewis HHC 77-80 kirklewis@comcast.net
Robert Wrobel C,D & HHC 84-88 clubchicago@hotmail.com
Paul Pakenham B 83-85 fivepaknh@juno.com
Tom Huson 2-36 1989 thuson2@hotmail.com
Al W. Benton 2-36 1964-1967 bigcity46@att.net
Jim McConnell 1965-1967 jtmcconnell@netscape.net

 Web Master Gary Boothe


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