503rd Support Bn


503rd Support Battalion

"Lifeline "

Brief History    

         Constiuted in the Regular Army as Supply Battalion, 3d Armored Division and activated at Camp Polk, Louisiana, 1     January 1942.                

Inactivated 10 November 1945 in Germany.

Relieved from the 3d Armored Division and disbanded 7 November 1947.

Reconstituted in the Regular Army as 3d Quartermaster Battalion and assigned to the 3d Armored Division, 25 June 1948.

Activated 25 July 1949 at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Redesignated 15 March 1955 as the 3d Armored Quartermaster Battalion.

Redesignated 1 October 1957 as the 3d Quartermaster Battalion.

Erorganized and redesignated 1 July 1963 as the 503d Supply and Transport Battalion.

Inactivated 15 December 1984 in Germany.

Redesignated 503d Support Battalion (Forward ) and activated 1 May 1987 in Germany using personnel and equipment from the 1st Support Battalion ( Forward)

Inactivated 1991 in Germany

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