Echo Co


122d Support Battalion (Main)
Echo Company

Schloss Kaserne, Butzbach, Germany

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Name & Rank


Commander Venezia, David, CPT Safwan Support
First Sergeant Ellis, Kenneth, 1SG Safwan Support
Company TOC Adams, Mike, SPC   
Maintenance Control Officer Gaskin, Lomax, 1LT  
Platoon Leader Molnar, Elmer, 2LT Safwan Support
LCSS Maintenance Technician Steele, Robert, CW3  
  Cheshire, Joe, CW3 Safwan Support
Chaparral/Vulcan Technician VanWinkle, Walter, WO1 Safwan Support
  Hicks, Joe, SFC Safwan Support
  Lee, Alexia, SFC Safwan Support
  Ayers, Thomas, SGT Safwan Support
  Llanes, Manual, SGT Safwan Support
  Neff, Scott, SGT Safwan Support
  Sutton, William, SGT Safwan Support
  Daley, William, SPC Safwan Support
  Myers, Stephen, SPC Safwan Support
  Smith, Stephan, SPC Safwan Support
  Rounsavall, Shawn, PFC Safwan Support
Tow/Dragon Missile Technician Styers, Charles D. SPC Attached from E/708 MSB, 8ID
FAAR Repair/Unit Armorer Chandler,  Melinda  
  Klinger, Joe  

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