Hanau Photos


The Harbor on the Main
A downtown street scene.
Another downtown street scene.
Marvin Meyerhoffer at the top of the street leading to the "old" Hauptbahnhof.
Looking toward the hauptbahnhof.
The "new" train station. The "old" one was closed and converted to apartments.
MAIN GATE. Pioneer Kaserne. Shot from parking lot of souvenir store.
SERVICE CLUB. This building housed the Service Club, USAFI office, a small PX ,etc. when I was there 1956-59. Located to right of Pioneer Club.
BATTALION HQ. For the 509th. AFA  and later the 2/73 FA. Bn. Medics were also housed in this building. Later HQ for an Engineer Bn.
POST THEATER. Very minor changes to this building since I watched flicks there.
PIONEER CLUB. USO shows, cheap booze, no officers, could a young warrior ask for more? I'm still working on a couple of things. Maybe they'll pan out before the reunion.
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