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This page is dedicated to the photo’s of the 509th Armored Field Artillery and its veterans. If you have photo’s to contribute to this page, please contact the webmaster, Flash Gordon.

Bobby Rudder, B Battery 509th AFA

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B Battery, 509th Armored Field Artilley at basic training in August-September, 1955, Fort Knox, Kentucky

Front Row kneeling: SP3 Brock, DI, Pvts, Caldwell, Hobler, Miller, Moore, M.D. Moore, Marvin Meyerhoffer

Second Row: McAmis, Brooks, Bobby Rudder, Coffman, Shular, Lonskowski, Sullivan, Raymond Williams, Looney, Lucas, and Mayhew

Third Row: Smith, Haney, Dooley, Reed, Mabe, Harp, Croup, Price, Pettus, Crawford, Roy, Rex Williams



Marvin Meyerhoffer, 509th AFA and 2/73 FA Attached photos below.


  1. 0 (71.1 KiB)
    Marvin Meyerhoffer

  2. 1 (57.4 KiB)
    Marvin Meyerhoffer at Fort Knox in July, 1955.

  3. 2 (65.1 KiB)

  4. 3 (103.3 KiB)
    Members of the Survey Section and FDC. I remember one name, on the far left is George McClellan of Pennsylvania.

  5. 4 (98 KiB)
    Aboard the USNS Patch, June 1956. I really had it made on the voyage, for I showd movies on the cabin class deck. An LTC's daughter stopped by about every morning. Sorry, sir, wherever you are.

  6. 5 (96.9 KiB)
    The DISPATCH newspaper published on the USNS Patch

  7. 6 (145.4 KiB)
    The DISPATCH newspaper published on the USNS Patch

  8. 7 (58.3 KiB)
    SPC Banks and SPC Rex Williams of the mess hall crew lounging at the Pioneer EM Club. A Tom Collins cost only a quarter!

  9. 8 (60.5 KiB)
    Me with Norman Lane at Hanau. He was the recorder while I turned the angles. This drafted Kansas farm boy was one helluva soldier. Married his high school sweetheart in the post chapel in 1957 (I think).

  10. 9 (89.2 KiB)
    Me with PFC Garrett in front of the NEW 2/73 sign. Note that the sign reads

  11. 10 (54.1 KiB)
    A day off from training to visit with German nationals at Grafenwohr.

  12. 11 (65.6 KiB)
    Here we are looking at Atomic Annie, the 280mm gun. I believe it was assigned to the 3d Armored Division.

  13. 12 (55.3 KiB)
    The first firing of the Honest John at Grafenwohr, 3 Feb 1959. D Battery fired and we came within a hundred yards of the target bunker. CAP Dick at the plunger and officers from Germany, France, and Turkey also observed the firing.

  14. 13 (63.4 KiB)
    The 509th, and later the 2/73d's barracks taken in the 1980's.

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