Bill Silasavage Photos


The Fleigerhorst flightline during German/America days. Langendiebach is town in the background.
Fleigerhorst Enlisted Men's Club. Ten cent beers, twenty-five cent mixed drinks.
A light tower on the Fleigerhorst Kaserne.
2d Battalion, 73d Artillery barracks at Fleigerhorst in 1966
View from the barracks of Gunner Square with the Fleigerhorst Enlisted Men's Club in the background.
A picture of Bill Silasavage, in front of the FDC 2 1/2 van and 3/4 ton, at the Fleigerhorst motor pool. Taken in early1966.
Live entertainment at the Fleigerhorst Enlisted Men's Club. It's funny to see the piano & a go-go dancer on the same stage.
New Years 1966 at the Fleigerhorst Enlisted Men's Club.