Doug Gunderson, HHB, 12/1960 to 07/1963



105mm Howitzer powder charge.

105mm Howitzers in front of the barracks.

6th Artillery barracks area.

6th Artillery Headquarters and barracks.

6th Artillery HHB motor pool.

B Btry Howitzer, rear view.

Bricker, Mitchell, Gunderson before formation.

Campbell mowing in the rear of HQS.

CPT Keifers new car.

Kaserne chapel across the street from 6th Artillery HQS

Garcia with his M14 having fun in Wildflicken in 1961

Gunderson in Commo truck ready to move out.

Gunderson on guard duty at the ammo dump, 1961.

Gunderson, Byrd, Sonsino, Wilson in the EM club, TGIF

Gunderson with his M14 having fun in Wildflicken, 1961.

In the field in Vilseck, Feb 1961. Gunderson, John Wilson, and Campbell

John Wilson hard at work in the message center.

John Wilson getting ready for quarterly test.

John Wilson and the message center jeep, Mar 1961.

M60 tank in the motor pool.

Mitchell and John Wilson, Apr 1961.

M60 tanks in the motor pool.

Window ledge view of HQS motor pool.

Gunderson in Graf, May 1963. Break time on the target range.

Nicholes in front of HQS.

R. Nicholes and L. Rogers on Coleman Kaserne.

1963 Pay Tables.

Payroll voucher, 1963.

Coleman Kaserne Post Office and PX.

PRIX LECLERC Host officials.

Rifle and machine gun match schedule.

Coleman Kaserne Service Club.

M60 tank park.

Uptown in Gelnhausen, life is good.

Uptown in Gelnhausen, Rogers and Gunderson enjoying “flippies”.

PVT Gunderson’s wall locker.