2-3d FA Photos


Personal Photographs

This page is dedicated to the photo’s of the 2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery Regiment and its veterans. If you have photo’s to contribute to this page, please contact the webmaster


The above photo is that of Forward Observer Section of Charles Battery, 2nd Howitzer Bn (105 SP), 3rd Arty, CCA

3rd AD in 1959. Submitted by Bennie Holtsclaw former 1st Lt and member of the battalion. Holtsclaw is at the far left of the officers in the first row.

Holtsclaw join the unit right after graduating from Arty OCS, December, 1958 and eventually became the battallion Recon and Survey officer, 1960 to May 1962


Bob :Lamascus New man in Butzback 1962


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