Albert E. Lark, HHB, 2-27 FA. 1961-1963


Wildflecken, winter of ’61 or ’62. LTC Ax and Herbert Tabraham, his driver.

Lots of brass around the FDC, S-2 & S-3 vehicles.

Latrine duty. CPT Hogan, Lark, & Kulowski digging.

Gas truck. Robert Waters is facing forward.

Lark, Kulowski, & Gaglione (Gags); all with FDC.

FDC, S-2, and S-3.

Tabraham, Lark, and Hill. All FDC in the motor pool at Ray Barracks.


Hill, M37, at Ray Barracks motor pool.

Going to Grafenwohr.

Going to Grafenwohr.

In the field at Grafenwohr.

Self propelled 105 gun at Grafenwohr. Looks like Charlie Battery C-15.

  Al  Lark   FDC   27th FA

Headquarters Battery Building at Ray Barracks