5-3 ADA BN Roster


5-3 ADA Battalion Roster

HQ Battery

Name Position Years Email
Rob Hensley   90-93 Robhensley031@wmconnect.com
Bradley Cardin   90-91 bpcardin@yahoo.com
Paul Wlaters   89-92 Paulew777@aol.com
Chiaravalloti, Joseph " Chevy"   90-92 sixty9chevy@comcast.net
William Sotomayor CSM    
SPC James Gosnell S-2 Assistant   iamgoz@gmail.com
SPC James Cunningham S-3 Specialist   per James Gosnell
SPC Tommy Buka S-3 Specialist   per James Gosnell
SSG Ronald Baia S-2   per James Gosnell
SFC Scott Morrill S-3   per James Gosnell
Christopher Scott   88-91 cscott@victoryfoam.com
PFC Clayton E. Martyn   91 gmarjr55@yahoo.com
1SG Screen First Sergeant   per Vincent Leno

A Battery

Name Position Years Email
Gianfala, Victor   90-91 gianfalav@wood.army.mil
William Sotomayor 1SG    
Maupin, Dale Maintenance Officer 90-95 Dale.Maupin@emh10.bliss.army.mil
1SG Seaberry First Sergeant   per Vincent Leno

B Battery

Name Position Years Email
Marcus Oksa   DS ssgo@yahoo.com  
Mark Newton   89-91 mnewton@yahoo.com
Steve Chalmers   90-93 DESERT_DUDE91@HOTMAIL.COM
Darryl Cantrell   88-91 dcantrel@getgoin.net
Partington, Derek   88-90 dp35jp@yahoo.com
 Derek    Fussell    89-91 derek.fussell@us.army.mil
Thomas Graham   80-83 grahamt@lev-emhl.army.mil
Hickson, Scott 1LT 2nd Platoon Leader  89-91 mailto:rsl@tds.net
William Sotomayor 1SG    

C Battery

Name Position Years Email
Marquez, Alberto J.    1988-1991 Marquez61@aol.com
John Key   1985-1998  john.Key@deca.mil
Brian Mood      
Jeff  Schumacher   1989-1992 a63caravelle@hotmail.com
Hendricks, Donald Maintenance Officer 1990-1995  
Leno, Vincent Wheel Mechanic 02/1987-07/1993 VINCENT.LENO@EUR.ARMY.MIL
SFC Durham MotorSergeant    
SFC Ernie Etzold 1st Platoon    
SSG Dodson 2nd Platoon    
SFC Ortega 3rd Platoon    
SFC Deleski 4th Platoon    
SPC Robert Hensley Track Mechanic    

D Battery

Name Position Years Email



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