Combat Command B



Brief History
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Cold War area of responsibility for Combat Command B.

Cold War area of responsibility for Combat Command B. Click on photo to view full size.

Top row, L to RTom Robinson, Tenor Sax, Columbia, SC; Dan Wagner, Baritone, Duncan, OK; Guy Miller, trumpet, San Jose, CA; Tony Puccio, Alto sax, Vineland, NJ; Bill Landschulz, baritone, Dubuque, IA; Tony Mandravellis, trombone, Nashua, NH; Jerry Burrows, trumpet, Nacogdoches, TX; Joe Rehak, trombone, Pittsburgh, PA; Bob Holderle, bass drum, Columbus, OH
Middle Row, L to RKen McShan, trumpet, Nacogdoches, TX; Ihor Masnyk, Director, Chicago, IL; Ed McNamara, cymbals,  Lakewood, OH; Paul Dutenhauer, trombone, Mechanicsville, OH; Stan Semerod,, bass horn, Pittsburgh, PA; Willy Coleman, clarinet, Birmingham, AL; Chuck Swearingen, trumpet, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Kevin Orr, Baritone/piano, Indianapolis, IN; Charles Kozey, drums/director, Cleveland, OH
Bottom Row, L to R
Bob Lewis, alto sax, Chicago, IL; Frank Granto, alto sax, Vineland, NJ; Oho Basso, trombone, Los Angeles, CA; Dick Molezzo, drums, Selma, GA; Gary Short, trombone, Haywood, CA; Gene Patterson, trumpet, Hayesville, OH

Brigade Commanders Command Years
COL Harry E. Lardin 55
Col Woodward 62-63


Name Year Section Email Address
Dale Yost 59-61
John Chism 55-57 HHC
Barron Daly 55-58 Recon
Tom Hill 55-58    HILL2120@AOL.COM
James Johnston 55-57 Service
Trumen Koehn  55-57
Robert Bender 58-60
Martin Bunis 1958-60 HQ
James Purvin 59-61
Edward Koziara 59-60
James McInroy 60-61 jeep driver
Allen Johansen 1961-1962 HQ  Scout
Robert Young 62-64
Jim Chorazy 1963 S-3

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