3-12 Photos

 Pictures: 3-12 Cav #

1. D trp sign 2. D trppers 3. Airfild  4. Airfield 5. Budingen Kaserne 6. Trooper washing Acft 7. Kaserne w/ moter pool 8. Kaserne w/frontgate 9. D Troop Formation 10. Troopers at Swiming pool #1 11. Troopers at Swiming pool #2 12. SQDN Maint 13.D Troop Motor Pool @ Airfield. The D troop had 6 OH-58’s that I can remember, along with Crew Chefs.
The Acft Were: (185) Year unknown CC unknown  70-15222, Bill Culhane 70-15223, Frank Tate 70-15223 CC Unknown 70-15224 CC unknown 70-15225 Bernard Stratman "Bernie" 70-15260 Mark Williams I hope to here from some of the others and find the names of other CC’s Also for the left and Gun’s. We had a bib turn over of Acft back then. Turn in our Huey Gun ships for Cobra Gun ships… We also picked up a Aero Rifle Plt. With Cat. Dan Cleary (Ranger Dan) Who became a HHT Commander year unknown. Cpt Ferrea was our Commander and I last saw him just pry to Desert Storm I he was a full Col looking for a star. I also ran into WO2 Tommy Ore wile in the 1/1 Cav he was our Sqdn Aviation Maint Officer a Cpt looking for his Maj.






11      12 


Thanks to Jackie Rose, Charlie Troop, 3d Platoon.

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