3-12 Cavalry 1SG


First Sergeant's

Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks

Headquarters and Headquarters Troop (HHC)

1SG Sisto Cicuzza 1969-1971  
1SG Benjamin Buie 1973  
1SG Billie Evans 1975  
1SG Vargas 197?-  
1SG Hopper ?-1981  
1SG Wheeler 1981-1984  

Alpha Troop


Bravo Troop

1SG Oscar Quevas 1977-1979  
1SG Shorter 1979-1980  
1SG Gerald Ebright    
1SG Charles Steward 1980-1983  
1SG Milton Jackson 1988-  
Charlie Troop
1SG Theodore Gallenstein 196?-1969  
1SG Stephan Castro 1969-1971  
1SG Gerald Ebright    
Delta Troop
!SG William Van Noy 1972-1974  
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