4-67 Armor Battalion Commanders


Battalion Commanders

Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks
LTC Wheeler 85  
LTC Blackburn 87   
LTC Reischl 90-92 Desert Storm Commander
LTC Martin Dempsey 92-93  
LTC Albert Bryant  93-95  
LTC Walter Anderson 96-97  


Company Commanders

Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks
A Company 86-91 Axe Men
CPT Dave Scott 86-Oct 88  
CPT Jeffrey J. Bergner Oct 88-90  
CPT Dave Seitz  90-? DS  Commander
CPT Kelly ?? 1SG Anderson
B Company 86-91 Buzzards
CPT Thomas A. Thompson Oct 87-April 89  
CPT —— April 89 Relieved during DS Shield
CPT Joe Wallace Jan 91-Mar 91 Commander during the ground war
CPT Nick Brunstein Mar 91 -? Assumed command after the cease fire
C Company 1986-91 Wardogs
CPT Stephen M. Wallace June 88-Nov 89  
CPT Joe Giunta Nov 89 DS Commander
D Company 1986-91 Demons
CPT Michael K. Seidl ??? – March 88  
CPT John K. Bartolotto March 88-June 89  
CPT Robert K. King June 89-March 91 Commander through the ground War


CPT Ray Soyk March 91-? Assumed Command after the cease fire
HHC 1986-91 Support
CPT Michael K. Seidl    
CPT Robert L. Brandenburg May 88-Dec 89  
CPT Steve Wallace   Desert Shield Commander went to command B Co during the ground War
CPT Paul Funk Jr.    
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