2-67 Armor Rosters


Past & Present


The Iron Dukes have a proud tradition of service to our country with the 3rd Armored Division & currently with the 1st Armored Division. The U.S. Army in all of its wisdom continues to change the Regimental Affiliation of the Iron Dukes. We have changed from the 32nd Armor to 67th Armor to the current 37th Armor. For those us that have served in the Iron Dukes the feeling is "Once a Duke Always a Duke". We all have memories & positive feelings of our time in the Iron Duke Tank Battalion serving in Ray Barracks, Friedberg, Germany. 

These links provide a way for all Iron Dukes past & present to see what is going on with our Tank Battalion.

Email Contact List


Name Year Address
Charles Wallace Scout   90 92 jcwallyp@juno.com 
Kenneth Hills Sup Plt  DS kennethhi@debitel.net 
Brian Goodknight 86-89 bkgood@theremc.com 
Tim Williams Mor Plt 87-90 tim.williams@attbi.com
Mike  Benson  S-2  87-91 mike@thebensons.org 
Jim Bierwirth S-3 By Request
Brad Gericke S-1 By Request
Jim Marshall Scout  By Request
Hector Guerrero   hguerrero@Actvison.com 
David Knack Bn XO By Request
Daniel Merritt Bn CO By Request
Kelly Fisk HHC Co By Request
Jon Pennington Medic's  apollo15@swbell.net 
Jimmy Nugent Scout 87 89 reconscout@hotmail.com 
Royal Downs HHC XO romabbl@earthlink.net 
Tommy Carico  89-90 tjtexas0626@aol.com 
 Frank Valencia 91-93  choopy@taos.kitcarson.com 
 Pierre E Pelletier Jr. Recon 68-69  2 AD  Muf239@cs.com 
Jonathan McFarland Maint 86-92 wrench1@mindspring.com 
Keith Sabol S-3 87-91 sabolkj@stargate.net 
Faron Rutherford Scout 88-92 FRutherford@T-online.de 
Mark Gifford Medics 87-88 89-90 By Request
 Chris Johnson  Sup Plt 90-92  CJohnson@hunton.com 
 Randal Fry   89-92  randyfry@msn.net
Mark Owens DS Maint D co sidekick39@hotmail.com 
Tim Berry 88-91 Maint D co TIM.BERRY@SE.USAR.ARMY.MIL
Calvin Simmons 86-87 sim@cableone.net
Harold Logan 89-90  S-3 Loganharold@hotmail.com
Tony Collins 86-87  S-3 tigerc@hotmail.com 
Spence Cowan 89-91 Scout-BMO Cowan@sccompanies.com
Lupe Huaracha 89-93 apachelup@yahoo.com
Kevin Montgomery 90-92   Medics Kev254@excite.com
Wayne Lowe 89-91  S-3 carl.wayne.lowe@cox.net
Steven Broughton 90-92  Maint C co ksbroughton@aol.com
Scot Silcox 89-92 stormvet6@att.net
Randy Kuykendoll DS kirkret@aol.com
Mike McLaughlin 89-91 cripmm@yahoo.com
Jim Mento 86   S-1 Victoryordeath32@aol.com
David Boxley 86-89  Scouts boxman34@juno.com
Fred Taylor 86-87 fredtaylor10@cs.com
Jeff Thompson 86-91 tommytanker@usa.com
Raymond Stewart 88-92 rstewart11@cox.net

Stickney, Ben





Mike Berge 88-90  CSM csm9b@hotmail.com
Charlie Sanabria   Medic r.sanabria@worldnet.att.net 
Dan Johnson 86-89 Medic-Scout ORBadBoy@aol.com
Steve Broughtpn 90-92  C co Maint Team  sdb9192@sbcglobal.net
Mark Whipkey 90-92 HQ-66 gunner markwhipkey@charter.net
Sean Blackwell 86-88 SeanB34@msn.com
Steven Doin 86-91 volvo4me@nycap.rr.com
Parry Sands 87-91 psands@sands.ws
Jeff Marier 86-89 Sup Plt jamarier@comcast.net
Eddie Ray 86-87   eddieray@lycos.com
R. Christion Brewer FSO, 9/1991-5/1992 r.c.brewer@us.army.mil
Eduardo E. Lozano 95 Recovery Section elozano@deltacartrade.com
Kurt Carlson 90-93 kc7jc20@aol.com

A Co

Name Year Address
Ron Bayhi 87-89 bama_1986@yahoo.com 
Brian Goodknight 86-89 bkgood@theremc.com 
Brad Shaw 89 -92 bshaw@nabors.com 
Brad Gericke 88-91 By Request
Rich Bourgault 86-88 Rbourgault@aol.com 
Scott Godby  91-94 godbyfam@earthlink.net 
Kreg Mosier  DS kmosier@sfasu.edu 
Chris Nuels 89-95 DRAGION@AOL.COM
Shane McDaniel 87-90 emeraldislegod@yahoo.com
Lupe Huaracha 89-93 apachelup@yahoo.com
Mike Montgomery 1981-91 montgomm@yahoo.com
Khamnou Somsavath DS joe.k.somsavath@mail.sprint.com
Mark Tomor DS  Loader A13 tomorme
Travis Gardiner 91-93
Tim Brown 86-89 Armorcmdr@hotmail.com
Don Fulton 90-93 tanker8@cox.net
Joey Caldejon 86-92 jcaldejon@hotmail.com
Don Fulton 90-93 tanker8@cox.net 
Justin Conroy 90-92 just@cox.net

B Co

Name Year Address
Paul Hevland 87-88 phevland@usa.com
Jim Marshall 87-90 By Request
Steven Allmon 89-91 webmaster@armedofficers.com
Kevin Colson 85-89 b2673ad@bellsouth.net 
Keith Sabol  87-91 sabolkj@stargate.net 
 Chris Johnson   90-92  CJohnson@hunton.com 
 Michael McLaughlin     cripmm@yahoo.com
 James Bryant  86-88 bhb6@popmail.netmcr.com
 Henry Hill  88-91


 Bobby Butler  88-90  B4ARMY@aol.com
 Peter Stone  87-89 pete.stone@mortgage.wellsfargo.com
Joe Herdade 86-87 By request
Almondo Markham 90-93 almondo@hotmail.com
Carl Pearson 88-91 CARLPEAR@KVNET.ORG
James Journey 84-90 journeypetra@hotmail.com
Jeff Thompson 91-92 tommytanker@usa.com
Broustan Hale 86-89 Brouston@aol.com
Mike Dieckmann 1981-92 mastergunner648@hotmail.com
Craig Fisher 91-93 michaela-craig@t-online.de
Larry Lawhorn 84-92 lklawhon@hotmail.com
Eddie Ray 86-87 eddieray@lycos.com
Bill Purcell 88-91 billpurcell1@homail.com

C Co

Name Year Address
Max Witzler 90 91 SHAWNEEAIR@aol.com 
Mike Benson  87-91 mike@thebensons.org 
Ernest Coleman 87-91 colemane@leavenworth.army.mil
Dan Shrimpton 88-91 By Request
Steve Bailey 87-92 stephen_bailey@mailcity.com 
Spence Cowan 88-89 Cowan@sccompanies.com
Paul Walters 87-92 waltersy@hotmail.com
Wayne Lowe 91-92 carl.wayne.lowe@cox.net
John Budd 90-91 abrams12@hotmail.com
Brian Haddix 85-92 cbhaddix@yahoo.com

Ervin Suida 88-91 dpwerv@myvine.com
Craig Fischer DS-93 michaela-craig@t-online.de
John Landis 73-76   2 AD nh3jl@aol.com
Gary Rimpley 81-86 rimpleygd@cmtymail.98asg.army.mil
Mike Meinhardt 89-92 mimeinha@cisco.com

Mark Whipkey 84-90 markwhipkey@charter.net
Jeff Lytle DS jeffrey.lytle@us.army.mil

D Co

Name Year Address
Tim Williams 87-88 tim.williams@attbi.com
Jeff Lamb 87-88 julamb@msm.com 
Kelly Fisk 87-91 By Request
Royal Downs 88-91 romabbl@earthlink.net 
John Robertson III  91-94 jowrober@hotmail.com 
Thomas Schulein  87-91 Tom1960@hotmail.com 
Ralph Vargas 90-91 Vargasdr@aol.com
Patrick Daniel 90-91 danielp@theriver.com
John Hubert 90-91 jthubert@juno.com
Lupe Huaracha 89-93 apachelup@yahoo.com
George Vassos 85-87 chochev2@yahoo.com
Mike McLaughlin 89-91 cripmm@yahoo.com

Brian Dean 91-94 SGT_DEAN2001@YAHOO.COM
Scott Flatford 89-94 SFLAT24IU@AOL.COM
Steve Barton 86-88 ejhssbarton2002@yahoo.com
Gary Schaeffer 88-90 HGS608@webtv.net
Chris Warden 88-91 MrchrisW@webtv.net

Alfredo Pacheco 87-91 alfredop_1999@yahoo.com
John Gale 87-90 jerzdev95@verizon.net
Mike Purvis 90-92 eibonscroll@yahoo.com 
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