Kevin Colson Photos – March 1987 Trip to Berlin


Pictures provided by Kevin Colson & may only be reprinted or copied with permission only.

March 1987   Trip to Berlin

1.Copy of Flag Orders front.jpg (78923 bytes) Flag Orders the border documents required to drive to Berlin. Check Point A in Helmstedt was the start point with the time stamped to record your start time on the drive to Check Point Bravo. I think you had an hour and a half  to make the drive. 

2. Copy of Flag Orders Back.jpg (53070 bytes) Backside of the Flag Orders border crossing document. This is one trip that I will never forget.

1. Copy of American Sector.jpg (46042 bytes) A reminder that you were in a divided city & divided country. 

2. Wall.jpg (110578 bytes) Berlin Wall

3. CP Charlie.jpg (67861 bytes) Check Point Charlie  The gate used to visit East Berlin.

4.Copy (2) of CP C Sticker.jpg (42080 bytes) Check Point Charlie window sticker

5.Kevin.jpg (119201 bytes) Berlin Wall in the British Sector.

28 April 1987   Change of Command  B/2-67

Copy (2) of CoC 1.jpg (12055 bytes) Invitation to the B/2-67 Change of Command

Copy (2) of CoC 2.jpg (14601 bytes) My camera had problems with the film on the day I took command so I have no pictures.  I do have a video of the ceremony.

June 1987  Hohenfels

1.Copy (2) of SGT Dieckman.jpg (82200 bytes) SGT Michael Dieckmann serving as the gunner on B-66.  SGT Dieckmann was the Miles Equipment expert and had his own homemade green reset key. The PRC-77 attached to my tank commanders hatched was used to talk with the company over an unsecured radio frequency.  The main tank radio with the Venson Encryption Device stayed on the Battalion Command Net. This way I could talk with "Spartan 6" LTC Schmit the Commander of 1-36 Infantry & the company without having to change radio frequencies.

2.Copy of SSG Rod.jpg (47370 bytes) SSG Jamie Rodriguez served as the Tank Commander on B-66 when I was off the vehicle. 1SG Perl kind of stacked my crew to help out during my first ARTEP. When my jeep was broken down in the field trains for 3 days with all of my clothes SSG Rod shared a few extra pairs of socks with me. I later sent him to M1-IP Master Gunner School. He was a great NCO & a true friend.

3.  Op ORD.jpg (91313 bytes) Operations Order still covered in Hohenfels mud. You can see the task organization that the "Spartans' 1 -36 Infantry used. They also had A/4-67 attached. Cpt Dave Scott the Commander of A/4-67  and I became good friends through our time serving together while attached with the Spartans.

4. Copy of B-66 M1IP.jpg (56559 bytes) Preparing B-66 M1-IP for rail loading. On the way to the railhead from Hohenfels I remember watching one of the metal chock blocks slide off the back of a tank. Before we could stop to pick up the chock block,  a BMW speeding in the opposite direction hit the chock block and the chock block got stuck underneath the front axle of his car. Sparks were flying everywhere.

5.Copy of Railloading.jpg (97058 bytes)The end of my first trip to Hohenfels with the company on the train. I always enjoyed the train trips.

August 87

Copy (4) of B 2 67 Ccompany photo 2.jpg (221511 bytes) Company picture of taken during the transition between 1SG Perl & 1SG Wendell Pike. 1SG Perl retired when he returned to the states. 1SG Pike late became at CSM & served in the training division at the Armor Center, Fort Knox. 1LT Joe Herdade later commanded A troop 4-8 Cavalry during Desert Storm.

September 1987  Golden Lion    West German Field Exercise  Umpire Duty 

1. Copy of Untitled-1.jpg (75888 bytes) Umpire Duty Rule Book that we were provided. We were umpires for a C Company, 4th Battalion 32 Armor "Red Lions" 

2. Copy of Umpire Staff.jpg (138387 bytes)  Already for Umpire Duty.       L to R  Captain Kevin Colson, 1 LT Joe Chirico, 2 LT Jim Marshall, 2 LT Steve Cramer

3. Copy of German Vehicle.jpg (58735 bytes) Some kind of German Vehicle  

4. Copy of German Vehicle 2.jpg (93690 bytes) German Maurder

5. Copy of GV 3.jpg (51366 bytes)  Some kind of German ADA Vehicle

6. Copy of Leopard.jpg (54174 bytes) Two German Leopard 2's coming down the road.

November 1987  Tank 

1. Copy of M1IP b 66 tank crew.jpg (65116 bytes) B-66 M1-IP  Tank Crew  L to R  Capt Kevin Colson, PFC Paul Hevland – Driver, SGT Phillip Johnson – Gunner. SGT Johnson is standing in the loaders hatch, SP4 Lenny Cebula -Loader he is standing on the fender. I had this Tank (The Bushwhacker) & Crew for two tank gunneries. We qualified the tank with a score in 700 hundreds the first time & with a distinguished score in the 900 hundreds the second time.  The company was the "Top Gun" in the battalion both gunneries in the M1-IP's. 

During this tank gunnery the 'Today Show" was doing a Thanksgiving Show from Fulda with the 11 ACR. The Today Show staff came to Grafenwohr to get film of a tank firing. Well my company was on Range 132 for Tank Table 7. We were volunteered to host them for their filming. All the hoops that we jumped through for the film crew turned into about 5 seconds of footage on the show. I still have a copy of that "Today Show". 

2. Copy of Duece and half attack.jpg (55810 bytes)B-2  The attack Deuce and a Half test firing the M-2 HB Machine Gun. This was the first & only time that we fired from the top of the Deuce and a Half.  You can see the nonstandard radio antenna & matching unit attached to the side of  B-2.  1SG Perl acquired it so that he could talk with the supply sergeant in the field trains or during convoy's. We would attach a PRC-77 to the antenna.

3.Copy of Nov 87 TG range 301.jpg (53010 bytes)  Range 301   Platoon Battle Runs  Tank Table 12

4. Copy of Window sign.jpg (62753 bytes)

When we returned from Grafenwohr our families greeted us with this sign hanging from the dayroom window. The sign reads "Bravo Company Better Than the Best"