Kevin Colson Photos – 18 April to 10 May 1988 Border Duty


Photo's provided by Kevin Colson. Reprinted or copies of the photo's by permission only.

18 April to 10 May 1988   Border Duty  

B/2-67 with 4.2 inch Mortar Platoon, company maintenance section, medics & cooks attached assumed the border observation duties from the 3rd Squadron 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. I volunteered the company for the duty & we took the entire 3rd Brigade tasking of 33 days. Normally one company in each battalion would go to the border for a week to ten days.

B Company manned OP INDIA with 1LT Stephen Cramer as OIC

4.2  Mortar Platoon manned OP Romeo with 1LT Tim Williams as OIC

1.Copy (3) of American Tower.jpg (47481 bytes)  OP INDIA as seen from out side the OP while on patrol 

2.Copy (6) of Border OP INDIA Tower 3.jpg (8908 bytes)  OP INDIA Tower as seen from inside the compound.

3.Copy (2) of Border Post.jpg (34154 bytes) Official border marker  between East & West Germany.

4.Copy (2) of Matchstick Border Marker.jpg (55876 bytes)  Matchstick border marker located 10 Meters from the official border. Used as a warning device for border patrols.

5.Copy (2) of WG Family at border.jpg (65008 bytes) West German family standing at border looking into East Germany

6.Copy (2) of EG Helo.jpg (9114 bytes) East German HIP Helicopter flying a border trace

7.Copy (2) of EG Guards.jpg (58659 bytes) East German OP set up to watch American Border Patrols.

8.EG Border Patrol 2 Close UP.jpg (73863 bytes) East German mounted border patrol. Maybe this is the Company Commander of the East German Border company coming to find out why the Americans had a Captain on Border Patrol.

9.Copy (2) of East German Guard.jpg (43594 bytes) East German Patrol Standing on a bridge looking at our vehicles. 

10.Copy (3) of EG Tower.jpg (78421 bytes) East German Border Tower with guard looking at us while we looked at him.


1. Copy of Border & Tower.jpg (43829 bytes) View of the East-West German Border looking into East Germany.

12.Copy (2) of Jeep Patrol.jpg (40350 bytes) American Border Patrol. SFC Synder is on the left & SP4 Niver on the right with a camera. SFC Synder was our 1st Platoon Platoon Sergeant. He arrived in the company about a month prior to our Border Duty. He had just finished three years as a Drill Sergeant.  Each patrol was required to have 2 vehicles with 3 soldiers in each vehicle. The patrols were required to be under the command of an E-7 or above. So we sent SFC Synder along on this day to keep me out of trouble. We had ammunition for our M-16's & 45's but it was sealed inside an ammo can. 

13. Copy of KC -Jeep.jpg (86516 bytes) Captain Kevin Colson at the 1 K Zone warning marker. You were not allowed inside the 1K Zone unless you were Border Qualified.

14. Copy of B-65 Reaction.jpg (66680 bytes) B-65 serving as the Ready Reaction Force. This was the area where the best soldiers in the company served because they were always being tested by the 11 ACR Border Operations Staff. The tank commander is SSG Hale. I later sent him to M1A1 Master Gunner School. He served as the Company Master Gunner & the last time I saw him he was a SFC working for the Armor Board as a Master Gunner at Fort Knox. He was a knowledgeable, caring and professional NCO. He was a good friend and the reason Bravo Company continued to be the Iron Duke "Top Gun Company".  

Note: As of November 2002   SGM Hale is serving with 1-67 Armor, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood Texas.

15. Copy of Kevin & BDE CDR.jpg (83201 bytes)  3rd Brigade Commander Col James Noles arrived by helicopter to visit us for a day on the border.

16. Copy of Border Briefing.jpg (84547 bytes) Capt Kevin Colson briefing Col Noles on Border Operations.    L to R   Capt Kevin Colson, 1LT Tim Williams -OIC OP INDIA back to camera, Col Noles, 1LT Steve Cramer – OIC OP Romeo, SFC David Manley – NCOIC OP Romeo. Soon after the border mission SFC Manley PSC back to Fort Knox. He was a company 1SG at Fort Knox when I ran into him a year & half later. He was the best platoon sergeant that I had ever had the pleasure to work with during my time in the army.

17. Copy of SSG Rod & BDE CDR.jpg (110316 bytes)  SSG Jamie Rodriguez briefs Col Noles. SSG "Rod" as I called him was serving as the Tank Commander of the back-up reaction tank. He was the company master gunner. The back-up reaction tank was B-66, you can see the name "The Bushwhacker" painted on the front of the turret. 

18. Copy of Steve Cramer & BDE CDR.jpg (89715 bytes) 1LT Stephen Cramer briefing Col Noles while standing down on the East -West German Border. We gave the East Germans a lot to talk about that day.

19. Copy of Kevin & Mandi.jpg (49028 bytes) Yes we had a family day at the border. This picture was taken on top of the OP Romeo Tower looking over into East Germany. My daughter Mandi  (age 4) giving me a kiss. She is now a Senior in High School and on her way to the University of Georgia in August 2001.

20. Copy of German Flowers.jpg (158487 bytes)  The final border picture. This was a memorial to a East German man who was killed trying to get to West Germany.