Bruce MacWhinney Photos

Glad to hear from another Iron Duke. I was with the 2nd Bn 67th Armor, 1st Bde, 2nd
Armored Division, Ft Hood, TX, from 1980 to 1981.

I do have some photos and some info for. But I can't send the photos as yet. I'm in the process of getting them together and having them scanned for the computer.

When I served with the 2nd Battalion 67th Armor, we became a transition unit. By that I mean
the 2nd Bn 5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division had the M-1 Tank. Unfortunately the M-1
was supposed to come to us first. SNAFU. Well, to rectify the mistake, III Corps had a great idea, swap men, equipment and materials within the 2nd Armored & the 1st Cavalry Divisions. Before you
 can sing the "Yellow Rose of Texas" (unit song of the 5th Cavalry), we became the 5th Cavalry and they became us the 2nd Battalion 67th Armor. This all came about in October 1981.
That is why my stay in the 2nd Battalion 67th was short. Even though we became the 5th
Cavalry, we always felt like the 67th. It took most of he guys in the Battalion a year before we stopped answering answering the phone "This
is the old 67th Armor how may I help you.

There are some other stories, but I'll get them to you later. By the way, LTC Lemos L. Fulmer was our Battalion Commander. One hell of an officer.

Sorry for rattling on so I'll close for now. hope to hear from you