32d Medium Tank Battalion Commanders


Name (with photo if available)




LTC Barry F. Phillips




Battalion Commander

MAJ Frank B. Davis 



Served as the Battalion commander    after it was reorganized at Fort Knoxin 1955.

LTC Norvell R. Stark  

1956 and 1967

Commander of the 32d.  Tank Battalion


 MSG Hackney


This is a picture of MSG Hackney who was 32d. Tk.Bn. SGM during the  period 1955-1957

 CPT Haines


CPT Haines was CO of H&S Co, 32d.Tk Bn in late 55 and maybe very early  into 1956

 Captain Beckner

1955 and 1956

CO, Co. D, 32d. Tk.Bnmay also have still been CO in 57

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