3-32 Battalion Commanders


Name Years Remarks
LTC Walter B. Richardson WWII Former Honorary Colonel of the Regiment
LTC James E. Manning 1963-1964  
LTC Samuel T Rhodes 1964-1967 Nicknamed Bn  SCORPIONS
LTC William Jewell 1969-1971  
LTC Roger Price 1971-1972  
LTC Fred E, Lyssy 1980  
LTC Tommy A. Baucum 1983  
LTC Doug Craft 1983-1985  
LTC Stephen Wilson 1985-1986 Bn reflagged to 2-67 Armor 1986
LTC Leonard R. Hawley 1986-1989 Bn CO before reflagging from 2-33 to 3-32
LTC Seifert Louis 1989-1990  
LTC Stephen C. Main 1990-1992 Desert Storm Commander
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