2-32 Company Commanders


Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC)

CPT Hoadland 1962  
CPT Robert Kornacki 1977-78  
CPT Birch 79-81  
Todd Cochran ? – Feb 90  
CPT Lon L. Pribble Feb – Dec 90 Prev Cmdr D 2/32. Was Bn S-3 for 503 Forward Spt Bn in Operation Desert Storm
2LT Brad Hocevar Dec 90 – Feb 91 Brad was the interim commander during Desert Storm while others had been pulled to serve in the gulf.
CPT Randall Gray Feb 91 – ?  

Combat Support Company (CSC)


Alpha Company

CPT Templer 1975  
CPT Jerry W. Thurman 1975-1976  
CPT Edward Monholen 1977-1978  
CPT Huey 1979-1981  
Miranda, Ron 1986-1987  
Funk, Paul III CPT 1988-90 Later commanded HHC/4-67 Armor in Operation Desert Storm.  His father was a former commander of 3d Armored Division

Bravo Company

CPT Jack B. Painter 1975-1976  
CPT Estrada 1977-1979  
1LT Berry 1979 – ?  
CPT Bailey 1984-1986  
Wainio, Sulo CPT 1988-1990  
Pizzaforate, CPT 1990-1992  
Charlie Company
1LT/CPT Timothy B. Sprouse  1975-1976  
CPT Billy M. White 1976-1977  
CPT Douglas Heywood 1977-1978  
CPT Mandarino 1979-1981  
CPT Anderson 1981-1982  
CPT Metz 1985-1987  
CPT Roy Binger 1987-1988  
CPT Green 1988-1990  
Wilson, CPT 1990-1992  
Delta Company
CPT Marin 1981-1983  
Tony Hembrey ? – Feb 89  
Pribble, Lon CPT Feb 89 – Dec 90 Later commanded HHC/2-32 AR, then was the battalion S3 for 503d Forward Support Battalion in Operation Desert Storm
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