2-32 Company First Sergeants


Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC)

1SG Daniels 1962  
1SG Ralph Drake 77-79  
1SG Keyser 79-81  

Combat Support Company (CSC)

1SG Killingsworth 77-79  

Alpha Company

1SG Cooper 74-76  
1SG Britt 76-79  

Bravo Company

1SG David Harper 1973-1976  
1SG Jose A. Rocha 1976-1978  
1SG Sampson 79-81  
1SG Ceasor 84-86  
Charlie Company
1SG Parish 1973-1974  
1SG McIntosh 1975-1976  
1SG Kitsch 77-79  
1SG A.B. Myrick 79-81  
1SG Jackson 81-84  
1SG Mcpeak 84-86  
1SG Rivera 86-88  
MSG M Wilson 88 Interim 1st Sgt
Delta Company
1SG Tow 81-83  
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