W. Roberts Photos


Photo Album of Wally Roberts

This page contains the personal photo's of Wally Roberts, a veteran of the 32d Armored Regiment. Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_bad_soden_air.jpg (75840 bytes) Bad Soden taken from the air  
  Bad Soden taken from the air from the east side 

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_bad_soden_air2.jpg (95645 bytes)

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_butzbach_castle_wall.jpg (35359 bytes) Butzbach Castle Wall  
  Another view of the Butzbach Castle Wall

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_butzbach_castle_wall2.jpg (40848 bytes)

photo_roberts_w_butzbach_cityhall.jpg (8354 bytes) Butzbach City Hall  
  Downtown Butzbach 1976

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_butzbach_downtown_1976.jpg (42351 bytes)

photo_roberts_w_butzbach_dress_shop.jpg (39343 bytes) The Dress Shop in Butzbach  
  Butzbach from the east side in the air

photo_roberts_w_butzbach_air_east_.jpg (46936 bytes)

photo_roberts_w_butzbach_from_air_1994.jpg (48039 bytes) Butzbach from the air 1994  
  The Hotel Deutche in Butzbach

photo_roberts_w_butzbach_hotel_deutche_haus_.jpg (37662 bytes)

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_butzbach_kirchplatz_protestant_churchcastle.jpg (33146 bytes) The Kirchplatz Church/Castle in Butzbach  
  Building the new mall in Butzbach photo_roberts_w_butzbach_newmall_.jpg (33284 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_butzbach_square.jpg (52813 bytes) The square in Butzbach  
  Another view of the Square in Butzbach photo_roberts_w_square_butzbach.jpg (33610 bytes)
photo_roberts_w_butzbach_werbs_gasthaus.jpg (46210 bytes) Werbs Gausthouse in Butzbach  
  Cemetery Ridge

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_cemetary_ridge.jpg (48657 bytes)

32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_entrance.jpg (49696 bytes) The entrance to Friedburg Castle  
  The Gatekeepers yard at the Friedburg Castle 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_gatekeepers_yard.jpg (53829 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_mote.jpg (39316 bytes) The mote at the Friedburg Castle  
  On top of the Friedburg Castle 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_top.jpg (34251 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_turret.jpg (29341 bytes) The turret at the Friedburg Castle  
  Under the turret at the Friedburg Castle 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_turret_under.jpg (35998 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_turret_view_viaduct.jpg (29823 bytes) The view of the viaduct from the Friedburg Castle  
  Looking towards Ray Barracks from the Friedburg Castle 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_castle_view_ray_barracks.jpg (26382 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_overview_south.jpg (36222 bytes) An overview of Friedburg to the South  
  An overview of Friedburg to the South East 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_friedburg_overview_southwest.jpg (52655 bytes)
photo_roberts_w_wall_butzbach.jpg (23626 bytes) The wall at Butzbach


  Niederkleen at the Split 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_niederkleen_at_the_split.jpg (29371 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_niederkleen_bottom_of_hill.jpg (40733 bytes) Niederkleen at the bottom of the hill  
  Entering Niederkleen from the Rock 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_niederkleen_entering_from_the_rock.jpg (43919 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_niederkleen_newer_house.jpg (39430 bytes) One of the newer houses in Niederkleen  
  Niederkleen at the Rock's back gate 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_niederkleen_rocks_back_gate.jpg (25900 bytes)
photo_roberts_w_tower_butzbach.jpg (29336 bytes) The tower at Butzbach


  Wally in his tank 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_self_tank.jpg (34169 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_self_tank2.jpg (39727 bytes) Wally outside of his tank  
  "The Rock" 32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_therock.jpg (22757 bytes)
32ar_2_pictures_roberts_wally_weidigh_house.jpg (53161 bytes) Weidigh House  
  A tiger tank knocked out by the 3d Armored Division in WWII photo_roberts_w_king_tiger_3rd_armor_div.jpg (50981 bytes)