1-32 Company First Sergeants


Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) "Headhunters"

1SG Howell 1960-1962  
1SG Bennett 1965  
1SG "Thor" Martin 1965-1967  
1SG Ralph Grooms 1985  
1SG David Roeder 1989-1991  
1SG John Mayorga 1992 Came from D Co
1SG Steven Fox 1999-Present  

Combat Support Company (CSC)

1SG Schantz 1980-1983  
1SG Ward 1983-1985  

Alpha Company "Animals"

1SG Ben Richardson 1983-1985  
1SG John Stanley 1999-Present  

Bravo Company "Bulldogs"

1SG Donald B. Horn 1964  
1SG Harry Munshower 1964-1965  
1SG Reinaldo Smith 1985  
1SG Pablo Hernandez 1999-Present  
Charlie Company "Cobras"
1SG Stout ? -1975  
1SG Robert C. Jerome 1975-? *Silver Star
1SG Harrison 1977-1979  
1SG Richard Saunders 1979-1981  
1SG Sylvan Neal 1985  
1SG Edwin Hoskins 1999-Present  
Delta Company "Dragons"
1SG Junious Allen 1985  
1SG Daniel Sebeck 1989-1991  
1SG John Mayorga   -1992 Took over HHC
1SG Larry Lynch 1992-1994 Unit redesignated 2-12 Cav during this period
1SGT Clayton Settle 1999-Present  


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