1-32 Battalion Commanders


Name (with photo if available) Years Remarks
LTC Walter B. Richardson WWII Commander Task force Richardson. Wounded 4 times and never missed a day of action from Normandy to Dessau, Germany.
LTC Matthew W. Kane WWII  
MAJ. Frank B. Davis Aug. 1955- Aug. 1956 1/32 Reactivated at Ft. Knox as a Training Unit.
LTC Norvell R. Stark Aug.1956- May 1958  
LTC George W. Williams May 1958- Dec.1959  
LTC Robert V. Dague Dec. 1958- Nov. 1959  
LTC T.S. Jones Nov. 1959- Nov. 1960  
LTC Joseph C. Fogarty Nov. 1960- Dec. 1961  
LTC William F. Mangum Dec. 1961- April 1963  
LTC Donn A. Starry April 1963- July 1964 Later Commanded V Corp in Germany and 11ACR in Vietnam
LTC William G. Illston July 1964- March 1966  
LTC William C. Hiestand March 1966– June 1967  
LTC Tom C. Oberst June 1967- Dec. 1968  
LTC Birtrun S.  Kidwell Dec. 1968- Dec. 1969  
LTC John C. Bahnsen Dec. 1969- June 1971  
LTC James G. Hattersly June 1971- May 1973  
LTC  Edward V. Kelly May 1973- May 1975  
LTC Frank E. Rutherford May 1975- Nov. 1976  
LTC Ronald H. Griffith Nov. 1976- Nov. 1978 Commanded 1AD in Gulf War
LTC Thomas Lawrence Beale Nov. 1978- Sept. 1980  
LTC Ross A. Johnson Sept. 1980- June 1983  
LTC  G.R. Jacobson June 1983- June 1985  
LTC J. Scott Wheeler June 1985- Jan. 1987  
LTC John F. Swahn Jan. 1987- June 1988  
LTC James Gunlicks June 1988- Jan. 1990  
LTC James R. Methered Jan. 1990- June 1992  
LTC Brett Weaver 1992  
LTC Thomas S. Kidwell 1997 – 1999  
LTC Dana J. H. Pittard 1999 – Present  


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