T. Reiber Photos


Photo Album of Tim Reiber

This page contains the personal photo's of Tim Reiber, a veteran of the 32d Armored Regiment. Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_alert.jpg (59539 bytes) Tanks on Alert Moving Out  

C Company Flag from C-7

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_cco_flag.jpg (45861 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_change_pack_2.jpg (56054 bytes) Changing the pack in my tank in the field  

Not a quick job

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_time_changing_pack.jpg (59871 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_chanook.jpg (32300 bytes) Chinook Helicopter  

Cobra Gunship waiting for prey

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_cobra.jpg (41401 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_german_army.jpg (70166 bytes) Training with the German Army  

A German Tank unloading

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_german_tank.jpg (42458 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_german_tanks.jpg (60444 bytes) More German Tanks in Motor Pool  

An M551 among its big brothers

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_m551.jpg (36089 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_m60a2_hiding.jpg (55104 bytes) An M-60A2 dressed for dinner, we are having T-62's tonight  

An M-60A2 on a roadmarch

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_m60a2_roadmarch.jpg (51445 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_reforger_78.jpg (27102 bytes) Reforger 1978, early morning  

PFC Tim Reiber

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_self.jpg (62286 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_self_jeep.jpg (62009 bytes) Tim Reiber and his jeep  

Sunset behind tank

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_sunset.jpg (29422 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_tank_heater.jpg (36136 bytes) Proof why you should not run tanks heaters in combat  

Putting a tank on a train to head for the field

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_tank_on_train.jpg (54389 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_tank_stuck.jpg (62190 bytes) Stuck in the Mud in the Field  

It gets worse

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_tank_stuck_in_mud.jpg (49363 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_tanks_jeep.jpg (39030 bytes) Then we clean them and they look like this again  

Back on the train for Freidburg

32ar_1_pictures_reiber_tim_tanks_on_train.jpg (45199 bytes)
1st Plt. C Co. 1/32 1978