J. Wieland Photos


Photo Album of Joe Wieland

This page contains the personal photo's of Joe Wieland, a veteran of the 1st Bn,  32d Armored Regiment. Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

  Joe eating C-Rations  
picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_dug_in.jpg (21736 bytes)

Dug in at the Fulda Gap

C-24Cantucky &          1-32Barracks
Front gate and Second Platoon


Another view from the Fulda Gap

picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_fulda_gap.jpg (27089 bytes)
picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_loading_ammo.jpg (18199 bytes)

Loading Ammo



picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_vtr.jpg (16514 bytes)
picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_motorpool.jpg (18442 bytes)

C Company Motor Pool


Railhead at Graf

picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_railhead_2_graf.jpg (14952 bytes)
picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_steam_engine.jpg (14912 bytes)

A steam powered engine


On the range at Graf

picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_tank_trail.jpg (20897 bytes)
picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_train_to_graf.jpg (14976 bytes)

On the train to Graf


Joe then and Joe now

picture_32ar_1_wieland_joe_then_now.jpg (19883 bytes)