J. Keener Photos


Photo Album of Jim Keener

This page contains the personal photo's of Jim Keener, a veteran of the 32d Armored Regiment. Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_orderlyroom.jpg (32670 bytes) Orderly Room of HHC 1/32 1965  
  First Sergeant Martin administering a butt chewing in the Orderly Room 

32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_1sgt_martin.jpg (36745 bytes)

32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_parade.jpg (47537 bytes) Parade Field at Friedburg in 1965  
  Bandit, the Battalion mascot in 1965

32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_bandit.jpg (48391 bytes)

32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_alert.jpg (51255 bytes) A Jeep and VTR on the way to the alert area in 1965  
  An M-114 Scout Vehicle in the Alert Area in late 1965  32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_m114.jpg (48387 bytes)
32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_graf.jpg (46872 bytes) Steve Pravacek, Mike Johnson, Terry Jondahl, Charlie Dolen and Jim Keener at Graf in 1965  
  An M-60A1 of HHC 1/32 moving through the battalion area in 1966

32ar_1_pictures_keener_jim_m60a1.jpg (40835 bytes)