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Photo Album of Gary Cool

This page contains the personal photo's of Gary Cool, a veteran of the 32d Armored Regiment. Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

photo_cool_g_32ar_1_orderly_room.jpg (17184 bytes) This photograph is of the Orderly Room from the fuel station  
  This photograph is of Friedberg at night in the early 70's

photo_cool_g_friedberg.jpg (14749 bytes)

photo_cool_g_graf_ammo_detail.jpg (17819 bytes) This photograph is of an ammo detail at Graf in the early 70's  
  This photograph is of a tank with a thrown track at Hohenfels in the early 70's

photo_cool_g_grafhohenfels_thrown_track.jpg (14388 bytes)

photo_cool_g_ray_barracks_gate.jpg (14176 bytes) This photograph is of the Main Gate at Ray Barracks in the early 70's  
  This photograph is of me in May, 1974 with my tank

photo_cool_g_selfjpg.jpg (11703 bytes)

photo_cool_g_tank_crew.jpg (15031 bytes) This photograph is of my tank and crew in the early 70's  
  This picture is of our tanks loaded up on a train in the early 70's

photo_cool_g_train_tanks.jpg (14437 bytes)

picture_cool_g_friedberg_1971.jpg (22736 bytes) Gary Cool, Jim Delouch, May 1974 Friedberg Germany

Guidon C Co. 1/32 Ar.


  Francis (Frank) John Morgan C 1/32 picture_cool_g_friedberg_1974.jpg (11147 bytes)
picture_cool_g_afb_1971.jpg (13005 bytes) Gary Cool, Brigette Krollmann, Floyd Griffin, Rhein-Main AFB May 1974  
  Flight 2QF8 May 9, 1974, Rhein-Main AFB, Freedom Bird picture_cool_g_freedom_bird_1974.jpg (7466 bytes)
picture_cool_g_jackson_1971.jpg (18084 bytes) Fort Jackson S.C. May 1974  
  Gary Cool, Jim Deloach, May 1999 Rick Ford's Home, Knoxville TN picture_cool_g_may_1999.jpg (9921 bytes)
picture_cool_g_octoberfest_2000_friends.jpg (16087 bytes) Gary Cool, Rick Ford, Rick Babb, Jim Deloach, Don Mays, Knoxville TN  May 2000  
  Rick Babb, Gary Cool, Rick Ford, October 2000, Helen GA picture_cool_g_octoberfest_2000_victory.jpg (15393 bytes)
picture_cool_g_octoberfest_2000_bandits.jpg (17712 bytes) Rick Babb, Gary Cool, Rick Ford, Helen GA Octoberfest 2000  

Front Row l-r: Jim Deloach, Rick Ford, Rick Babb. Back Row: Gary Cool. Knoxville, TN 7-5-03

l-r: Rick Babb, Gary Cool, Jim Deloach. Gatlinburg, TN 7-5-04.



Bandits 2006
Richmond, KY.

Front row (L-R) Joe Wieland, Rick Babb, Jim Deloach, Gary Chalupa
Back row (L-R) Don Mays, Gary Cool, Rick Ellis,Rick Ford