C. Horncastle Photos


Photo Album of Court Horncastle

This page contains the personal photo's of Court Horncastle, a veteran of the 1st Battalion, 32d Armored Regiment during Operation Desert Storm. Click on the Photo to enlarge it.

photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods1.jpg (16608 bytes) 1LT Horncastle and SFC Kirby at Port of Ad Damman  

1LT Horncastle and SPC Bargman posing with the remains of a camel

photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods2.jpg (21813 bytes)
photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods3.jpg (18319 bytes) Officers of HHC gather before Pay Day Parade  

1/32 Assembled before Pay Day Parade

photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods4.jpg (12365 bytes)
photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods5.jpg (16350 bytes) 1/2 Scout Platoon in Assembly Area Green  

M-3 Bradley's of Scout Platoon

photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods6.jpg (10162 bytes)
photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods7.jpg (18401 bytes) 1LT Horncastle with captured Iraqi weapons  

Bn XO Major Thurman and 1LT Horncastle

photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods8.jpg (16638 bytes)
photo_32ar_1_ds_horncastle_ods9.jpg (14354 bytes) 1LT Horncatle with Iraqi S-60 AA gun