2-13 Cav Photos


2-13 Cav Photo's

This page is dedicated to the photo's of members of 2-13 Cav during its time with the 3AD.

13cav_b.jpg (57065 bytes) B Company, 13th Cav Group Picture
D Company Hdqtrs Plt, 13th Cav Grp Picture



13 Cav tank park at Graf January 1959


13 Cav M51 on Wintershield exercise, January 1960


An M51 with a thrown track January 1960-lots of work getting it back on.

Butzbach, a short distance from post, a good meal and beer at Gambrinus.

Frankfurt, a good 3-day pass town



                                                        Tank Park Inspection   &     Ready for a parade

And….the Parade!

2-13th Cav M48's on parade

The day room-for when we were broke.



                         L_R:  Campo Pond;   and of course, Graf. The tank on the right looks more 'stuck' than mobile.


                    L-R: Mess truck, gooood food in the field; pitching a tent ; three over-joyed GI's around
                    the fire; three happier guys inside a warmup tent. On Wintershield, being caught in a 
                    warmup tent would cost a stripe.


                                    Recognize the place on the left?  We attacked it a hundred times in two years. And
                                    a column moving on a well-traveled Graf road.

Wintershield. Remember the 72 hour stay awake endurance treks?

Returning from 'alert', on the road to Ayers.


Many of these photos are the courtesy of Harry Smith who generously loaned us his
13 Cav yearbook.


Hank Johnson submitted the three photos above. He is the son of Colonel Lawrence H. Johnson Jr., deceased, who was
CO of A Co 2-13, 1957 and 1958. Colonel Johnson's rank at that time was Captain.

The left photo is the 2nd platoon, A Co on attack at Graf in August 1958. The middle photo is of one of A Co's tanks at Graf October 1958. The right photo of course is the A Company picture of 1958.


Moses Yoder of C Co. 13th Cav., 1958-1060 contributed these color photos
of Campo Pond and Bergen Hohne.

Below, he is shown with his M48


View from the M51

Graf 1960. One of our D Co drivers put his M48 right into a pond. I wanted to pull the 
tank out from the rear since winching from the front would only nose it deeper into
the hole. But, the motor officer and motor sgt. insisted we winch from the front.

I was cold but found a lot of humor in all of the mini-conferences going on to solve 
a relatively simple problem. The TC is the lone figure near the winch cable. He was just staring
somewhat sheepishly off into space. About 5 minutes after I took the photo, I had the M51 around
to the rear of the tank and we had it out it just a few minutes.

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