HHC Photos


Gen Clark and MG Abrams at Graf 1961                            MG Abrams 1961


Promotion Ceremony 1961                                                Signature as a birthday gift for Jim Shaver, by MG Abrams

MG Abrams, 1962                                                            Drake Kassern 1962

Drake Kassern 1962, Thanks to Jim Shaver

Edwards Kassern 1961

CPT Jeff Weart, Company Commander, Christmas Party 1987

Rose Garden ceremony 1988, Hq 3d Ad

HHC 3d Armored Division in formation                                                    The Frankfurt Community Commander presenting an award check to HHC


2PM (afternoon) in the oil fires, Desert Storm

Oil Fires, Desert Storm


Soldiers living (?) area, Desert Storm

HHC 3d Ad CQ Desk, Drake Cassern, Frankfurt

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