Division G3 Staff

Send any new information to: Hal Dudley


Name Section Year Email
John M. Shade FIST 1941-1945 smiths9395@aol.com
 Harvie R.  Matthews   LTC


Name Section Year Email
Jerry Langan G-3 1956-1958 re_cap@sbcglobal.net
Aubrey Tatman Chemical 1963-1965 aubrey.tatman@mms.gov
 Roger C Van Duyn   LTC
 G-3  1942  


Name Section Year Email
Thomas Lang Training 1973-1975 tw1768@aol.com
Roland Thompson Operations 1977-1978 rlthom@se.rr.com
Dave Shoup G-3 Driver 1977-1980 DShoup@hunterindustries.com


Name Section Year Email
Hal Dudley Training/PlansDiv Tac Sergeant Major   DS 1984-19871990-1991 hdudley@charter.net
Niles Graham G-3 Sergeant Major 1984-1989 ngrahom@houston.rr.com
Joseph Golomboski Training 1985-1988 joegolom@hotmail.com
Jason Franklin Plex 86-88 jason@faircount.com
Michael R. Stansell OPS 1986-1989 mnestansell@aol.com
Mark Moore Training 1986-1988 cptmarkmoore@hotmail.com
Barbara Cosgriff FSE 1987-1989 bcosgriff@yahoo.com
Dean Moore Air Liaison Office (Air Force) 1987-1991 dean.moore@offutt.af.mil
Carl Boeshore Operations 87-89 carl.boeshore@wvmart.ang.af.mil
Walter Antonishen Engineer 1988-1991  
Kelly Newcomer Engineer 89-91 killer5554@aol.com 
Sulo Wainio Operations 88-91 s_wainio@yahoo.com 
John Kallerson Training 1989-1990 jkallerson@aol.com
Steve Brewer Training 1989-1991 searaider@hot.rr.com
Dan Moore Engineer 1989-1991 dkmoore@ruraltel.net
Marshall Clevenger Operations 1989-1991 marshall.l.clevenger@us.army.mil
Leo Espinoza Plex 1989-1992 1sgespinoza@cox.net
John Bartolotto Operations Desert Storm Jbartolotto@charter.net
Barry June 302nd RAOC Desert Storm barryssj@yaho.com

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