Division G1 Staff

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Name Section Year Email


Name Section Year Email
Donald Hall 503rd Admin 1958-1960 esadu@aol.com
Michael Pope 503rd Admin 1963-1965 KB9PLL@juno.com
Larry Girouard 503rd Admin 1963-1965 larrygiro@juno.com
George K. Pritchard   1964-1966 kenpritchard1@coxnet.com
Frank Welborn 503rd Admin 1966-1967  
Bill Cunningham 503rd Admin (AMB) 1966-1970 catchbill@yahoo.com
Thomas R. Lunde 503rd Admin 1968-1969 tlunde@earthlink.net
Steve Bess 503rd Admin 1968-1970 seatrail@bellsouth.net
John Silva 503rd Admin 1969-1970 Oakhillsmn@aol.com


Name Section Year Email
Michael Dalton 503rd Admin 1974-1977 mikedalton@sbcglobal.net
Delilah Williamson 503rd Admin 1976-1979 loonie4757@sbcglobal.net
Jim Madden 503rd Admin 1978-1984 retsgt99@aol.com
Roger Huntley Personnel  Management 1979-1984 chiefrlh@cs.com
Antony Finch 503rd AG 1979-1985 bus7driver@yahoo.com
Chris Morrison 503rd AG 1979-1981 chris719@wmconnect.com


Name Section Year Email
Fran Eldridge AG 1980-1982 feldridge@cvok.net
Kevin McKenzie G1 1981-1982 kdmckenzie@verison.net
Christine Wagner-Croke RPC Giessen 1982-1983 chall@aol.com
Raymond Miles G-1 1984-1989 raymiles@troamail.org
Diana Herman RPC Giessen 1986-1989 lynne-marshall@charter.net
Matthew Anderson G1/ASD 1986-1990 MA3319@aol.com
Alice Curtis 574th PCS Gelnhausen 1986-1990 adjcw3@aol.com
John Mousser G1/ASD 1988-1991  
Vickie Peoples G-1 /CG Office 1989-1991 Vpeopleski@aol.com
 Fletcher, Burl
 Kneppler, David
 Housley, Leonard  may1417@live.com


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