Desert Storm



The 23d Engineer Battalion Sappers in Operation Desert Storm

December 1990 to June 1991


For more Desert Shield/Storm information and Company Rosters please visit this page 

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Destroying Iraqi ammunition depot in Southern Iraq

(Photo provided by Adam Jinks, 3/C Co, 23 En)


Sappers ready to put demolition on an abandoned Iraqi tank.

  (Photo provided by Adam Jinks, 3/C Co, 23d En)


23rd Engineer Battalion, Company Commanders during  Desert Shield / Desert Storm
April 1991, Kuwait.  3AD Change of Command.
Left to Right:     CPT Tom Buning, HHC; CPT Billy Tollison, A CO; CPT Tom Tyra, B Co; CPT Chuck Markham, C Co; CPT John Snider, D Co; CPT Greg Pekar, E Co.


e_co_SWA_low.jpg (677872 bytes) E Company, 23rd Engineer Battalion, Kuwait, 1991
 Desert "River Rats" with captured enemy equipment.
(Photo provided by Greg Pekar, E/23d)


funk.gif (58498 bytes)LTC Dana Robertson, Cdr, 23 EN BN and MG Paul Funk, Cdr, 3AD
(Photo provided by Katherine M. Schmidt-Jenerette)



Droplet1.jpg (25633 bytes)Droplet2.jpg (26167 bytes)Coalition Bomblet dropped on Iraqi Forces.
(Photo provided by Greg Phillips, HQ/C/23d)


002.jpg (428142 bytes)    B/23 EN Company CP @ TAA Sapper, JAN ’91
(Photo provided by Jock Simpson, HQ/B/23d)


006.jpg (262956 bytes)    SSG Jock Simpson in OBJ MINDEN, Kuwait, on a T-62 turret.
(Photo provided by Jock Simpson, HQ/B/23d)


005.jpg (299289 bytes)    Knocked out Iraqi BMP while moving through Iraq 
with TF 3-5
 (Photo provided by Jock Simpson, HQ/B/23d)


Desert Storm.jpg (106779 bytes)    Operation Desert Storm (C. Markham)




Charlie Rock in ODS.jpg (128497 bytes)    Charlie Rock in ODS (C. Markham)






From L to R, 1st Platoon, Charlie Company; unknown; 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, Charlie Company ( Photos provided by Eugene Zmija C/23d )

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