Navigating This Web Site

From time to time we hear from veterans that something can’t be found on the web site. The questions are varied, so here is a little primer on the site navigation, beginning at the main or home page which is the one you land on if you go to just

Within the dark background menu band at the top of the page are several menu choices. First is the Association name which is a link that will always return you to the main or home page from wherever you are on the entire site. So, if you ever find yourself “lost”, simply click on the name and you will return to this starting point. Next you will see eight tabs. The number can change, but doesn’t very often. These are “cascading menus” that if you hover over with your mouse, nearly all of them will cascade down to additional menus and some of those will cascade ever further. You can click on any of these anywhere in the cascade and open the page associated with that link. If you click on one within going on to the next cascade level, that next level will then appear on the page you clicked to go to as “Sub Pages” listed under the 3AD patch where you can then click on a link and proceed further down the menu. These cascading menus are very extensive and do cover the bulk of the site. But, there is other navigation present.

On the main or home page we have several embedded links that appear as blue lettered text. The wording of each one is intended to be as descriptive as we can make it with an economy of verbiage. To give special attention to some of these links, there are two boxes with links within them. These are the “Featured Links” which will not change very frequently; and, “Top News” which is more subject to changing, but in reality, doesn’t change too frequently either. To the right of these between them and the “sidebar” is a rotating feature that you can click on and view information on the subjects that rotate through it.

To the right of any pages (or posts) content is the “sidebar”. This is the long column with “Connect With Us” at the top. Below those words are badges that have links to “connect with” the Association. They are pretty much self explanatory in their function. Below those is the 3AD shoulder patch, whose only job is to sit there and look great! If you are somewhere in the site that has sub pages, you will see them just below the patch as previously mentioned.

Below that is a section in the side bar headed with “Additional Site Navigation” which are links to portions of the web site that are not accessed through the cascading menus and when you go to those links, you may on those pages find some sub page links.

Below that section in the sidebar is a dropdown menu entitled “Post Categories”. All of the posts to the web site are assigned a category (with one being “Uncategorized”) so that every post to the site can be viewed. Simply click and hold the down arrow and the categories will pop up. While still holding your mouse down, simply slide your cursor to highlight the category you want to view and release your mouse. The entire category of posts will be listed and you can then either view them by scrolling or by clicking on the blue letter link to select a single post from the list. Since most of the newest content goes onto the site as a “post”, this is a feature you want to be aware of.

Finally in the sidebar at the bottom is the six latest “Tweets” or “Facebook” posts associated with the web site. These are simply listings of tweets and posts from the Association Facebook page. Each one of those has a blue lettered link that can be clicked to view the entire entry. When “View More” appears at the bottom of the list, clicking on it will bring up the next six entries and so on.

There are some pages where the “sidebar” does not appear. Remember the tools that are available to you from your web browser, most notably forward and backward arrows. These allow you to click back through where you have already been and then go forward again through those same items, if you wish.

If you are one that has been having problems navigating the site, we hope this helps. Let us know through comments or other contact if we can help further. Thanks for visiting our web site, the Facebook page, and the Facebook group.

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