Hanau: Pioneer Kaserne


Pioneer Kaserne – Hanau, Germany

This page is under construction.  We would deeply appreciate any photos you may have of Pioneer Kaserne.


Pictures donated by Jim Compomizzi.


L to R:1. PX, Commissary. 2. Jim Compomizzi. 3. Drill Field. 4.Guard Mount in front of billit. 5.Main St. Hanau. 6.Motorpool


L to R: 1. Parking Lot. 2. Snack Bar. 3. Tank at Graf. 4. Pioneer Church. 5. 155 Howitzer, Motorpool. 6. 155 Howitzer.


L to R: 1. Rear of EM Club.

Pictures Donated by Jim Kline.


 L to R: 1. Pioneer Ball Field, Theater, PX.  2.Pioneer Club. 3. Barracks Hallway. 4.Mess Hall. 5. View from Barracks.

 6. Pioneer Club Christmas 1957.


L to R: 1. Barracks Room. 2. Jeep Destroyed in Accident. 3. Recovery Vehicle, Operation Sabre Knote, Nov. 1956.

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