Apr – Jun 2014 Guestbook

Please note that the guestbook was down and not available for much of this period, which is why there are fewer entries.


Marion Chard from MI wrote at June 18, 2014:Service: WWII | Years: | Unit: 23rd Armored Engineer Bn | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: Trying to help someone locate information on a Robert Mathieson who served in WWII. He has acquired Captain Mathieson’s uniform with the engineer castles and the 3rd Armored Division patch on the left sleeve and would like to find out some information on this soldier.

Tom Mayberry from Boulder, CO wrote at June 18, 2014:
Service: WW II | Years: 1941- 45 | Unit: 45th Medical Bn ?? | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: I’m researching my uncle’s history as a Medic in the 3rd Spearhead Div., ’41- ’45 How/where do I find detailed history of the 45th Medical Bn.?, His name was Pvt 1st Class Wm. Purkat, Leadville, CO. would appreciate any leads: tmaybrewry@yahoo.com
Jeffrey Monsell from Pennsylvania wrote at June 17, 2014:
Service: Cold War | Years: 1972-Aug 1974 | Unit: 3/32 Armor Battalion | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC Support PLatoon | Other: | Comment: Looking for guys that I served with driving 5ton cargo trucks we yellow duck decals on our air filter canisters. Hopefully hear from some of you.
Eric Johnson from Texas wrote at June 17, 2014:
Service: Desert Storm | Years: 1990-1991 | Unit: 5-5 CAV | Company, Battery or Troop: A | Other: | Comment:
al w. benton from illinois wrote at June 13, 2014:
Service: cold war | Years: 1963-1967 | Unit: 2nd bn 36th inf | Company, Battery or Troop: hhc | Other: bn maint | Comment: Hoping to hear from some of the guys from bn maint hhc 2/36.
Leland A. White from Ohio wrote at April 22, 2014:
Service: Cold War | Years: 1983-1985 | Unit: 3/32 Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: Delta Company | Other: | Comment: I am just looking for and trying to reconnect with my old friends.
Kenneth M. Rhodes from Texas wrote at April 18, 2014:
Service: Desert Storm | Years: 1990-1991 | Unit: 4/18th Infantry | Company, Battery or Troop: Bravo Company | Other: | Comment: For those whom I served with, I have a lot of “Desert Storm” pictures. If you would like them please contact me at (254) 275-0249 or krhodes6@hot.rr.com.