Jul – Sep 2013 Guestbook

Ronnie Moss from Missouri wrote at September 18, 2013:

Service: 10/1964 – 03/1974 | Years: 03/1966 – 03/1968 | Unit: Ist Brigade, 3rd Armored Division | Company, Battery or Troop: Service Battery, 2 Battallion, 3rd Artillery | Other: | Comment: Are there any former members of Service Battery 2/3 FA who served during 1966-1968 out there?
Ken Edwards from Illinois wrote at September 15, 2013:
Service: Cold War | Years: 1974-1977 | Unit: 3-32 Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: Co. A, CSC, HHC | Other: | Comment: Tank Platoon Leader, Scout Platoon Leader, Bn S – 4. Fond memories, very formative years in my military career. Retired as LTC in 1997.
Anthony Boyette from I don’t know what “origin” means wrote at September 12, 2013:
Service: Cold War | Years: 88=91 | Unit: 5/5 cav | Company, Battery or Troop: C Co | Other: HHC | Comment: Arrived at the Rock December ’88 and left after we returned from Iraq and deactivated.
Sgt. Jerold Hartman from Norwalk, Ohio wrote at August 29, 2013:
Service: Desert Storm | Years: 6 | Unit: 4/18 Infantry 3AD | Company, Battery or Troop: D co. | Other: | Comment: Missing and looking for all my brothers. Please contact me.
Juan Rodriguez from Puerto Rico wrote at August 23, 2013:
Service: Cold war era | Years: 1979-1982 | Unit: 2nd 36 Infantry | Company, Battery or Troop: Alpha Rangers | Other: | Comment: Great to see some old names around here . Would love to hear from some old friends from the Rock.
Im currently living in California been here for the last 28 years. Blessing to all you 3rd armored members and relatives !
Joe Cash from Ft. Hood, TX wrote at August 21, 2013:
Service: Jun 1976-Jul 1999 | Years: 76-82 | Unit: 3-33 Ar | Company, Battery or Troop: B, HHC, C | Other: | Comment: My wife is looking for anyone who use to go to Club 13 in Nieder Weisel in the early 70’s. Any one who was in the “PICKIES” welcome to contact me.
Jim Morris from H/H Co. 1/32 3AD wrote at August 14, 2013:
Service: Sep 62 to Jan 65 | Years: 1962-1965 | Unit: H/H Co. S-3 //32 | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: Just revisiting the site. Served at Ray Barracks 50 years ago, and still the most memorable time of my life! Was a radio operator, and drove the S-3 APC. We were young and wild, and enjoying life to the fullest. Many pleasant memories of Friedberg, Bad Nauhiem, Frankfurt, Graf, FTA, and all the other parts of the country we ground up under our tracks. Would love to hear from anyone who was there during that era. Hutch, are you still checking in?
Larry Gold from Bronx New York NY residing in Falls Church wrote at August 13, 2013:
Service: 10 April 1959-15May 1960 3rd Arm. Division | Years: 1958-1960 US Army | Unit: 3rd Arm Div Headquarters Finance Office | Company, Battery or Troop: 503rd Admin Company | Other: | Comment: Served as the Allotment Specialist (SP-4) On Division Organization chart Key Personnel Jan 1 1960. Processed Elvis Presley’s class Q alloment
request and tried out for extra on GI Blues (failed audition) Transferred from 7th army Headquarters. served under Carleton W Abrams
Asst Div Comdr.Great memories of 54 years ago
Steve Riffle from Racine,ohio wrote at August 9, 2013:
Service: nov 1983- april 1985 | Years: 6 | Unit: 1/40FA | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC Battery Commander Driver for Col. Yerkes | Other: 4th Infintry Fort Carson colorado | Comment: Wow, I found this site by accident. I saw a picture of Francoise Kaserne I have pictures from when I was there and of Pioneer Kaserne. I would like to get me a flag for my flag pool. Brings back alot of memories, I just turned 50 this year and I turned 21 there at a Rock n Roll bar down by the river just before the bridge before going into town next to Kentucky Fried Chicken Resturanr lol
robert wilson wrote at August 3, 2013:
Service: Dec 28, 1961-Dec 23 1964 | Years: 3 | Unit: 503 s&t Bn | Company, Battery or Troop: B co | Other: | Comment: I’m a life member but haven’t been on here in awhile, I’m very glad to see the site still up and running.
fred carroll from greenville,ms wrote at August 2, 2013:
Service: cold war | Years: july 1988- july 1990 | Unit: 4th Bn. 67th Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: Alpha Company | Other: | Comment: Whats up spearhead brothers? I served in friedburg germany (ray barracks) I was in germany from 1988- 1990. My roommae was Nathan Klein, I had great friends such as Kelvin Humphrey, J.D, Floyd, Kevin Singletary, Kevin Murphy, Calvin Coates Curtis Dolley, Michael Pierce. Man too many guys to name. we use to go to the Studio club on Friday and sunday nights. Our company commander was Capt. Berenger( we actually scored top gun in graf in 1990 scored a 998 crew was cpl. Fuchs: gunner, spc. Mckinley: driver and yours truly the loader. The scorers say we were 1 second from scoring a thousand.Our 1st sgt was Alston at first and the his replacement escapes me Those were some of the best times of my life. Also Michael Moss, pvt. O’brien lawson, sgt “daddy rich” big anderson. like i said too many great guys to name. 2nd Lt. Dave Feller was my first tank commander then they moved me to the co tank. Sfc. Wesley means was my platoon sgt. Sgt. Colon (“Pr”) was a great guy too. Cant forget teleni and fea, double bach wow. Any reunions anytime soon?
James Johnson from Gordo, Alabama wrote at July 30, 2013:
Service: Vietnam | Years: 1966-1989 (1969-1970 in 3rd AD | Unit: HHC, 23rd, AD, Hessen Homburg, Hanau & HHC 3rd AD, Drake, Frankfurt | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC | Other: VCorps (After 3rd AD) | Comment: Don’t know why such a short time spent as a 3rd AD soldier impacted my life so much! Got a thousand memories.