Oct – Dec 2012 Guestbook

Daniel O`Leary from Edison NJ wrote at December 31, 2012:
Service: 1961-1964 | Years: 3 | Unit: 3/33 Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: A Co. | Other: A Co. 2MTB 1st Cav. | Comment: Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in GA in July.

Vice President and store Mgr,

Michael Huxta from Lancaster, PA wrote at December 31, 2012:
Service: Cold War/Desert Storm | Years: 1989-1991 | Unit: A Battery, 40th FA (MLRS) | Company, Battery or Troop: A Battery, 40th FA (MLRS) | Other: | Comment: It has been a few yrs since I was last on this website, even though I have been a life member since around 2001. I really like the new layout and the Casualties of the Cold War section is a great way to remember all the people that didn’t make it through their tour in Germany. Some very sad stories, some I remember from when they happened.
I am back in Kuwait after leaving here more than 21 yrs ago after Desert Storm. Serving as 1SG with the 104th Cavalry, PA NG. I met a few other Spearhead Soldiers around Camp Arifjan.
I still proudly wear the 3rd Armored Division “Combat Patch”.
Al W. Benton from Illinois wrote at December 30, 2012:
Service: Jul 1963-Jan 1967 | Years: Dec 1963-Jan 1967 @ KG | Unit: Bn Maint | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC 2bn 36th inf | Other: | Comment: Wishing all a most blessed and happy new year! Stay well, be safe. Blessings to all our troops.
Stanford Smith wrote at December 26, 2012:
Service: 1988/1992 | Years: 1988/1992 | Unit: Dco 122MSB | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: Looking for anyone who served in Delta 122msb company during this period.
JOE MCELREATH from DANIELSVILLE,GEORGIA wrote at December 19, 2012:
Service: COLD WAR | Years: 1955-1958 | Unit: 3AD.709TH.TANK.BN. | Company, Battery or Troop: C.CO.FT.KNOX KY.AND GERMANY | Other: 709TH. TK.BN. CHANGED TO 13TH.CAV.IN1957 | Comment: IF YOU SERVED WITH SGT JAYNES IN KY.OR GER.IN THIS ERA. OF TIME E-MAIL OR CALL ME AT 706-795-3122 E-MAIL ABOVE
Ally H. Hamood from Shelby Township, Michigan 48316 wrote at December 18, 2012:
Service: Cold War/Vietnam 1964-1967 | Years: April, 1964 through May, 1965 | Unit: 3rd Armored Division Headquarters | Company, Battery or Troop: 503rd Administration Company | Other: | Comment: Spent a fantastic year at the Drake Kassern on Homburger Lanstrasse. I was fortunate to see much of West Germany and I learned alot about life in the 503rd Admin Company.
I received a lifetime SPEARHEADER certificate before I left. Was re-assigned via levy to the 527th Personnel Services Company and rotated to Qui Nhon, South Vietnam after a six month jungle training stint at Fort Lewis Washington.
Tim Anderson from Yory Pa wrote at December 18, 2012:
Service: 1975/77 | Years: | Unit: 2nd 3ad | Company, Battery or Troop: A Battery Maintance | Other: | Comment: I was at Schloss Kaserne Butzback 1975/77.I work with Sgt Jim Lewis. Anyone know me drop me a line.
Charles A. Moore wrote at December 16, 2012:
Service: U.S. Army | Years: 1966-1968 | Unit: 3rd Armoured Division | Company, Battery or Troop: Co. C 1st Bn 32 Armour | Other: | Comment: Was A Sgt. E-5. in the Company Motor Pool
I was also the gunner and driver in Sgt Broman’s Tank C-36 before my promotion.
Jim Pollock from Owosso, Michigan wrote at December 12, 2012:
Service: cold war/vietnam | Years: 1970-71 | Unit: 1st. Bn. 32nd Ar. | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC | Other: | Comment: Been a while since my last post. I was Asst. Bn. Supply Sgt.(S-4) Still looking for the guys in my section. Found 4 so far. The years are ticking by. If you remember me get in contact.
Don Whelihan from South Hadley, Ma wrote at December 9, 2012:
Service: 1979-1982 | Years: ’79-81 | Unit: 1/48th Inf HHC | Company, Battery or Troop: Support Plt | Other: | Comment: Great job on the Members Roster Page. So much easier to reference now.
Al W. Benton from Illinois wrote at December 8, 2012:
Service: Jul 1963-Jan 1967 | Years: Dec 1963-Jan 1967 @ KG | Unit: Bn Maint | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC 2bn 36th Inf | Other: | Comment: Wishing all a most blessed and merry christmas. I still miss germany and the great times. Almost 50 years ago. Mercy!
Juan Carlos Lopez from Arecibo, Puerto Rico wrote at December 7, 2012:
Service: 1974-1996 | Years: 22 | Unit: HHT 3/12 Cav | Company, Battery or Troop: HHT | Other: | Comment: Proud member of the US ARMY from 74-96, best places serve was Germany from 74-77 and 84-91. 74-77 3/12 Cav, 77-78 1st AVN Co Ft. BLiss, Tx, 78-82, 193rd MI Co Panama, 83-84 5th Signal Co Ft Polk, La, 84-92 Bremerhaven CRCS, 39th Signal Bn, 92-94 Signal School Ft. Gordon GA, 94-96 Rediness Group, Ft Buchanan Puerto Rico. Now serving in the VA Hospital as an IT Specialist, Orlando Fl from 2002-Present
Evan Lawson from Dalton, Georgia wrote at December 6, 2012:
Service: july 55-July 64 | Years: 55-58 | Unit: 37th AIB/ 2nd Armored Rifle Battalion/ 52nd Inf. | Company, Battery or Troop: Company B | Other: | Comment: Where are the Guestbook Archives?
All I get is 404
TYhomas E Shannon wrote at December 2, 2012:
Service: 1964-1967 | Years: 3 yr’s | Unit: b co. 2/36th.inf. | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: I served with the same co.for 3 yrs., some of the best times i ever had was with my old friend’s from b co.! sure wish i could find some of them.
I’d do it all over again if i could,great times,good friend’s and cold weather,it’s all good. drop me a line if u remember me & even if you don’t,drop me a line!
Hey,this is and excellent website to visit and find old friend’s ! thomas.sr0075@sbcglobal.net
RICHARD ‘CHIEF’ GUARDIPEE from Montana. wrote at November 30, 2012:
Service: 1970/71 | Years: 2 | Unit: 3rd. AR. DIV. 2Birg. | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC.1/48. Truck driver | Other: | Comment: I only located one Brother from my unit.
Billy Marr from HHC 4/34 AR SCOUT PLT wrote at November 28, 2012:
Service: 1984-1994 | Years: 1988-1991 | Unit: HHC 4/34 Scouts | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC | Other: | Comment: I was the Tow gunner dismount squad leader for HQ23
Eddie Hendrix from North Carolina wrote at November 25, 2012:
Service: 1975 to 1978 | Years: 3 | Unit: 3/12 | Company, Battery or Troop: B Troop Company C | Other: | Comment: Hello and Happy Holidays.
Bill Brockman from Wisconsin wrote at November 24, 2012:
Service: 1977-1992 | Years: 15 | Unit: 1st BN, 32 AR, Friedburg Germany | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC | Other: 1982-1985, 2/8 Cav, 1985-1988 1/11 ACR, 1988-1992 ENETT 6/12 Cav (Fort Knox) | Comment: Met my first wife while stationed in Friedberg.
Larry Foisey from Bridgeport, CT wrote at November 17, 2012:
Service: Mar 76 – Oct 79 | Years: 2 yrs 6 mos | Unit: 23rd Engr | Company, Battery or Troop: B Co | Other: | Comment: Hmmm…SFC Wilson, SGT Bogden, with all the partying back then who can remember anything.
Jack Payne from California wrote at November 13, 2012:
Service: 1981-1983 | Years: 1.5 | Unit: 23RD Engineer Battalion, Erection Boat Pilot, Hanau. | Company, Battery or Troop: E Company Bridge Boat Pilot. | Other: California U.S. Army Reserve 1 year after ETS. | Comment: Arrived in Hanau on first week in January 1982.
Just 18 and fresh trained in fort Lenord Wood on the (then new) 27ft Bridge Erection Boat with twin 6cyl engines. The 23rd had the old MABs or Mobile Assault Bridges that drove straight into the water. These where being phased out..
So, I was pretty lucky to be a fresh E-Nothing with the new boat skills from state side.
It was not long before a good-ol-boy Sepc. E-4 drove his boat onto the shore and cussed a lot as he walked off the job…Frustrating and exacting work piloting those boats on the Main River currents, with rank but little training.
I stepped up and was given the job, provided I did not F it up!!! as the Sgt. said. LOL
From that day forward, I was a young E-1 with responsibility for the truck, boat and on-board helpers. What a good time and great memories, watching the sun go down across the water at the end of the day, as I usually volunteered for boat guard duty when the where left on the beach overnight. I live in Norway now but my love of boats has carried through my life.
Francis M. D’Amico from 6435 Sherwood Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19151 wrote at November 11, 2012:
Service: 1955-1957 | Years: 2 | Unit: 3rd Armored Div | Company, Battery or Troop: 509th AFB | Other: 509th Division Trains | Comment: Staioned in Hanau, West Germany, Pioneer Kaserne
Bill Watson from Owensboro, kentucky wrote at November 5, 2012:
Service: cold war | Years: 1959—1962 | Unit: 2nd Bn 6th arty | Company, Battery or Troop: B-btry 5th gun section | Other: | Comment: I was stationed in Glenhausen Ga 59-62. Loved it then an even more as i look back an wonderwhat happen to all the gys i severed with any one out there who was there please give me a shout , I have contact with a few of the guys ,but i know we are getting o;der so come on men .
God Bless you an God Bless America, an all the RED LEGS
vincent s dugo from w wrote at November 4, 2012:
Service: july 1 1955 | Years: 7/1/1955 | Unit: 23armyed eng | Company, Battery or Troop: c | Other: | Comment: look for old frends jerry linehert
Robert G Thacker from GA wrote at October 28, 2012:
Service: 1967-1968 1970-1973 | Years: 6yrs | Unit: 12th Combat Engr Bn ,Dexhiem Germany | Company, Battery or Troop: d co – hhc co | Other: | Comment: Several units I served in. Ended up at Fort Knox .
Loved the 12th Engr Bn Tour in Dexhiem, Germany. Great people and a great place to spend a couple years. Wished I had ets from there. Anyone that was there email me. 1970-1973.
DENNIS RIVERA from CAYEY PUERTO RICO wrote at October 27, 2012:
Jesse Sinclair from Libertytown, Md. wrote at October 5, 2012:
Service: Cold War | Years: 84-86 | Unit: 503d MP Co.4th Plt. | Company, Battery or Troop: 503d MP Co. | Other: | Comment: I served “PROUDLY” with the 503d MP CO. from 84-86 and would like to hear from anyone who served in that time period on Drake Kaserne.
Vian L. Hazen from Wisconsin wrote at October 4, 2012:
Service: 1987-1990 | Years: 3 | Unit: 4/18 Infantry and 1/48 Infantry | Company, Battery or Troop: C Company/ Headquarters Company | Other: | Comment: I just payed my annual dues, how do I get a password?