Jul – Sep 2012 Guestbook

Denny K Shoopman  from Gulf Breeze, FL wrote at September 28, 2012:
Service: 6/1961-6/1988 | Years: 1970-1973 | Unit: HHB, 3d AD Artillery | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: Was aircraft inspector & later NCOIC of DivArty Aviation Section in Hanau.
Duane (Sawbuck) Sawmiller from Mcbain Mi wrote at September 27, 2012:
Service: 1983-1993 (reg, army) | Years: 1988/89-1991 | Unit: 3/5 cav black knight recon | Company, Battery or Troop: Eco,/HHC 3/5 cav (scout plt,) | Other: | Comment: Cant believe I found this site …so many people and names I thought gone forever…BLACK KNIGHTS!!
Robert from Read wrote at September 26, 2012:
Service: 1988-1991 | Years: 3 | Unit: 12th Eng Bn | Company, Battery or Troop: B co | Other: | Comment:
Sidney G. Finger from Knoxville, TN wrote at September 23, 2012:
Service: July 65 – Dec 67 | Years: Jan 65 – Jan 68 | Unit: 3rd AD | Company, Battery or Troop: A Troop 3rd Squadron 12th Cav | Other: | Comment: Arrived Budigen, Germany July 5, 65. Cav went to field next day for 8 days. Would love to talk to anyone who served with me. E-mail me at my wife’s e-mail address which is ladyfinger3@bellsouth.net. I don’t do computers. During my time with the 12th Cav I went down range 42 twice, froze to death on silver talon, drunk a lot of beer at new and old charlies. Looking back it was an important part of my life. My 1st Platoon SGT was SGT Chiles.
Peter A Cafolla from Friedburg Germany wrote at September 22, 2012:
Service: 1959-1961 | Years: 28months | Unit: 52 Infantry | Company, Battery or Troop: D Company | Other: 3rd Armored Division | Comment: Rifle Team 1960-1961 anyone on team with me like to hear from you send email
Larry Cornelius from Franklin Pa. wrote at September 10, 2012:
Service: 1983-1986 | Years: 1983-1984 | Unit: 3 A D 22 nd chemical Gibbs Kasern | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment:
Larry Jackson Jr. from Houston, Texas wrote at September 7, 2012:
Service: Medically unable | Years: N/A | Unit: N/A | Company, Battery or Troop: N/A | Other: | Comment: I write this in memory of the late WWII Veteran James Delton Matthews, 3AD 143rd Signal Corps, who died in October 2003 in Akron, Ohio, his lifelong hometown. Does anybody here remember him? His wife, the late Meredith Matthews, wrote a book about her experience as an Army Nurse titled “Mother Wore Combat Boots and Chased Troop Trains: A Young Woman’s Adventure Story As an Army Nurse in World War II”. Their son, my long time friend, Ted, and I will be there in 2013 to attend the reunion. It’ll be my first time, and Ted’s been to several. I look forward to meeting everybody there. I’ll be in New Orleans this month for the 6th AD reunion. I salute you Spearheads 🙂 You guys are my heroes. Thanks for your service to our country, and for our freedom.
Charles (Charlie) Wood from Columbia, MD wrote at September 6, 2012:
Service: May ’70 – Sept. ’75 | Years: Jan. ’74 – Sept. ’75 | Unit: 3 AD HQ | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC, 3AD | Other: | Comment: I was the Deputy G-5 for more than a year and a half, initially under MG Burton. Got to meet and work with some really outstanding people, including GEN (then COL and Chief of Staff) Otis, and the later head of the Chemical Corps General (then MAJ) Orten. One memorable experience was when the Secret Service team arrived in advance of President Ford’s trip to Europe. A real lesson learned. Another was planning the “D-Day plus Five” scenario. There is also a story about finding a fencing master for the Army pentathalon team…amazing! All in all, a great experience.
Todd Free from Colusa, Ca wrote at September 6, 2012:
Service: 1987-1990 | Years: 3 | Unit: 2/3 Field Artillery | Company, Battery or Troop: 3rd Platoon | Other: | Comment: Just wanna give a shout out to all my Spearhead Brothers. Fisters forever.
Jim Pollock from Owosso, Michigan wrote at September 1, 2012:
Service: cold war/vietnam | Years: 1970-71 | Unit: 1/32 Ar. Bn. | Company, Battery or Troop: HHC | Other: | Comment: Was Asst. Bn. Supply Sgt(S-4) Still looking for more of the guys I served with. Found 4 so far. If you remember me let me know.
Lauren Nofsinger wrote at August 30, 2012:
Service: Cold War Era | Years: 1960-1963 | Unit: Co”B” 122nd Ordinace | Company, Battery or Troop: B | Other: | Comment: I was in the 122nd Ordinance Sept 1960- January 1963. I have located several of the guys from our Company so anyone that would like to get in touch feel free to email me. Thanks, Lauren J Nofsinger
A.Schubart from Caponi name of my father wrote at August 29, 2012:
Service: 1960 -1964 of my father | Years: | Unit: 1st Battalion 33rd Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: I´m searching for my father, he served at the Coleman Barracks in Gelnhausen. I was born in Feb.1963, so my father was definitely stationed there in summer 1962.
I need help, my mum died 2006 and maybe I´m able to find my father, I searched now for such a long time.
Pete Avey from Iowa wrote at August 28, 2012:
Service: 69-71 | Years: 2 | Unit: 503d Admin Co | Company, Battery or Troop: Drake Kaserne | Other: 3d Armored Div | Comment: Would like to contact guys from same years at 503 Admin. I was player/coach of Co Softball team, which won 3d Armored Div Tourney in 70.
James Glavich from Dade City, FLORIDA wrote at August 26, 2012:
Service: COLD WAR | Years: April 1967 through September 1969 | Unit: 2nd Battalion 33rd Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: C Company 2/33rd Armor | Other: | Comment: I was a tank menchanic in C co. We were the motor pool directly at the RR loading ramp. I lived off post in Langgons. I have been in contact with nine or ten guys that were stationed with me plus two that our paths crossed almost daily that I really did not know. I would like to hear from anyone from that time and place. Thanks JIM GLAVICH
Eddie Adams from Ky wrote at August 25, 2012:
Service: march | Years: 1968 to 1970 | Unit: 3/12 cav. budingen germany | Company, Battery or Troop: B trp. 3 rd plt. | Other: | Comment: would like to get i touch with some of the guys i was station with
James W. Moore from Illinois wrote at August 25, 2012:
Service: June 1955 to June 1958 | Years: 3 | Unit: 143rd Signal Co (Bn) | Company, Battery or Troop: Com Center platoon | Other: | Comment: Received word of the passing of Richard “Mac” McGarvey, Pennsylvania, in February 2012. He served 1955-58, 143rd Signal, construction/ wire platoon. Served with him the entire tour from Fort Knox to Frankfurt. A real buddy…..
Joseph Saye Gaston from named for Joseph G. Saye (see below) wrote at August 24, 2012:
Service: KIA August 1, 1944 in St. Lo France | Years: @1941-1944 | Unit: 36th Armored Inf | Company, Battery or Troop: Company E | Other: | Comment: Dear Gentlemen:
I am a Presbyerian Minister in Greenville, SC named for my father’s first cousin, Joseph Gaston Saye who was killed in St. Lo on August 1, 1944. My immediate family and I had the honor of visiting Omaho Beach on June 6 this summer and St. Lo the next day. While at the American Cemetery over looking Omaha Beach, a staff member gave me US and French flags to place on Joseph’s grave back home in Chester County, SC. On July 4, I had the honor of doing that as part of our family reunion including his three surviving siblings. This experience was part of a Sabbatical Summer made possible by the Lilly Foundation. I yearn to hear from anyone who may have served with Joseph (Joe) Saye.
With great gratitude for your service,
Joseph Saye Gaston
Cecil Ray Hutto from Jacksonville,FL wrote at August 17, 2012:
Service: 1971-1973 | Years: 1971-1973 | Unit: 3AD | Company, Battery or Troop: C Troop,3 Squadron,12th.Cavalry | Other: | Comment: Armstrong Barracks,Budingen,Germany.Would love to hear from anybody stationed there.
paul g mikusa from troy.oh from canton.oh wrote at August 17, 2012:
Service: feb-1980 to march-1982 | Years: 1980-1982 | Unit: A2/36 inf | Company, Battery or Troop: Alpha | Other: | Comment:
john d. sims wrote at August 15, 2012:
Service: | Years: 81-84 | Unit: Aco3/33 ar | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: sure look back on my days @ the ROCK with a smile…met some fine soldiers,had some wild times down in Butzbach….went to pncoc @ KRANSBERG…IN 1983 some good times!!!!
Joe Rojas from Hesperia, CA wrote at August 13, 2012:
Service: Dec 84 – Apr 88 | Years: 4 | Unit: 143rd Signal Battalion Edwards Kaserne, Frankfurt | Company, Battery or Troop: C Co | Other: 228th Postal Gibbs Kaserne and Offenbach BPO | Comment: Cable Dawg and Voice of Iron. Cable Platoon and 57 Node Platoon. In contact with many from the 3rd Armored days in Frankfurt, over on Facebook. Still looking for Jon Butler.
John Silva from Hesperia Calif wrote at August 2, 2012:
Service: Jan 68 to Dec 70 | Years: 1969 thru 1970 | Unit: 503 Admin Company | Company, Battery or Troop: HHQ 3rd Armored Drake Kasern | Other: | Comment: It would be nice to meet some of the guys I served with, share some old memories.
Hank Tabor, Mark Reddy, Ken Luiser, Earl Hood among others.
ARTHUR LOWDER from ARMY wrote at July 23, 2012:
Service: 73/1975 | Years: 73/75 | Unit: B-CO 3/36 | Company, Battery or Troop: MORTAR | Other: 3AD | Comment: JUST WANT TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO,
ARTHUR LOWDER from ARMY wrote at July 20, 2012:
Service: JULY 30 1973/ 1975 | Years: 2 | Unit: B-CO 3/36 INF. | Company, Battery or Troop: MORTAR | Other: 3AD | Comment: JUST WANT TO GIVE A SHOT OUT TO;
Samuel E Gibbs Jr wrote at July 19, 2012:
Service: 77-83 | Years: 6 | Unit: Aco/HHC 2/32 Armor | Company, Battery or Troop: Aco HHC | Other: | Comment: I was there when the accident happened comeing down the hill . The fuel Goer JJ was driving had problums with the motor .When we rail headed from the Rock they had to drag it onto the rail head and off . It sat for weeks in the motor pool with them trying to get it running . They finaly got it running and just barley .it would shut off on you . JJ and weeks(A Cook 0 and another cook I cant remember his name right now where in the cab and the tanker was full of fuel . The engine died and it started to go off the right side of the hill up above where the big tree was on the left . JJ got the engine to start back up as you know no power no steering .he turned the goer to the left and the engine died agine , The Goer went off the road on the left side (all this was heading into Graf )The Goer went to roll and weeks and the other cook bailed out and JJ was still in it . It rolled the first time and JJ was still alive .as it started to roll agine JJ was trying to climb down the steps when it rolled back on top of him crushing him from the chest up . weeks went running into the woods till he hit a tree and knocked himself out . The fuel Goer caught on fire and burned for 2 days . We (The batallion ) Had a memorial service for him . It tore a bunch of us up and we where mad as Hell .I feel that this should never of happened .I knew JJ when I was in the S-3 shop .HQ3 Jeep driver / 30 M talk track driver . He was a good man , funny as all get out . Always with a smile and a joke . I roomed with Shorty long and C bone ,Michael Clayborne in HHC . I was the A co co driver when the accident happened .
Juan Casillas from Texas wrote at July 16, 2012:
Service: WW II | Years: !944-1945 | Unit: | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: I’m looking for anyone who served with my father in the 3rd armor division. He was kill in action March 27,1945. A friend of his from Kentucky came after the war to visit but we lost track of him. Please contact me.
Peter Quint from Marina del rey, CA wrote at July 12, 2012:
Service: | Years: | Unit: | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment: Service: 1956-1958 | Years: 1956-1957 | Unit: Band | Company, Battery or Troop: Band | Other: | Comment: Look forward to hearing from old band buddies…..
Peter Quint from Marina del rey, CA wrote at July 12, 2012:
Service: 1956-1958 | Years: 1956-1957 | Unit: Band | Company, Battery or Troop: Band | Other: | Comment: Look forward to hearing from old band buddies…..
David Keller from US wrote at July 11, 2012:
Service: 85-87 | Years: 85-87 | Unit: 1/32 AR, ( later 4/67) | Company, Battery or Troop: D | Other: D-4-8 (former 3/33 AR) Gelnhausen | Comment: Did time at Ray Barracks, Friedberg and Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen.
Fellow Bandits and Pickles, where you at?
wayne w wagner sr from Carlisle Pa. wrote at July 11, 2012:
Service: 1980 to 1981 | Years: 2 | Unit: C Co. 1/36 Inf. | Company, Battery or Troop: | Other: | Comment:
Jerry L Sandusky from Kimberling City, Mo. wrote at July 10, 2012:
Service: 10-63 to 10-66 | Years: 3yrs. | Unit: 23rd Engr. Bn, | Company, Battery or Troop: Echo Co., Bridge | Other: | Comment: I only served in country from 65-66. I was TC of an AVLB in the Bridge company. I dropped out of OCS and was sent to the 23rd Engr. to finish my enlistment. Uncommon for only 1 year left to serve to be sent to Germany at that time. Was glad to miss Viet Nam though. Would love to hear from anyone in my old outfit that served in that time period…thanks..
Jon from Myrick wrote at July 10, 2012:
Service: Oct 1984 to Nov 1986 | Years: 2 | Unit: 2/36 Infantry | Company, Battery or Troop: E Co | Other: | Comment: Some of my favorite years in service were spent at Ayers Kaserne. Trying to locate some buddies from there but not having much luck. Anyone reading this that was stationed in my unit at the same time feel free to contact me. thanks to all that came before and after
Randy Holbrook from Warren Michigan wrote at July 4, 2012:
Service: Oct 1987 thru Aug 1990 | Years: 3 | Unit: 23rd Engineers | Company, Battery or Troop: Alpha Company | Other: | Comment: I spent the best years of my youth in Hanau partying with my fellow partakers ,Mariscek,Goldsby,Sayan,Howell,Frisch,Tim the knot head,Whalen,Halsey
John C. Szkudlarek from Toledo, OH wrote at July 4, 2012:
Service: October 1965 to July 1966 | Years: 9 Months | Unit: Hq & Co A 122 Maint Bn | Company, Battery or Troop: Hq & Co A 122 Maint Bn | Other: | Comment: Lots of good memories of Fligerhorst Kaserne and Hanau, Lt Glass was the platoon leader anyone who remembers me, e mail me