Jan – Mar 2012 Guestbook

mel birdman from hq 36th AIB B troop 3/12 Cav (semper paratus) Armstrong Kaserne wrote at February 28, 2012:
I received Elvis’s autograph twice at Wildflecken and had my pic taken in his jeep’s driver’s seat. (35 mm) I travelled extensively to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria, Saarland, France, the Rhine River and briefly at Dublin, Ireland and Gander, Newfoundland. 111.10 other email addresses: pmlaureatus@gmail.com and nichthaben@hotmail.com Auf! Wiedersehen mel
Jim Johnson from Alabama wrote at February 28, 2012:
3rd AD was my first permanent party assignment and was one of the most enjoyable times of my career. Seeing Drake Kaserne in Frankfurt closed is a sad sight indeed. I always salute when passing by when on vacation there.
Walt W Willis from Wilmington, DE wrote at February 26, 2012:
Sure glad that duty ended without injury.
Got some great photos as a photog while serving there. Also had a good time as a competitive small bore shooter when I wasn’t taking pictures. We had some close calls with death at our training sites and lost a few good men in the process. The EM club that Elvis built had good German beir! At 65 years old I still remember the guys that served our nation with pride. May God bless them all!
Walt W Willis
Robert Erwin Romesburg Jr. from Trenton, MO wrote at February 25, 2012:
I know very little about my Grandfather Robert Romesburg Sr. other that he served in the Army as an Airborne Infantryman and at one point acted as a DI but i do have his coat that has the 3rd AD Division insignia on it and i would love to learn more about the Unit.
Tom Navin from Rutland,Vermont wrote at February 25, 2012:
I did! how long does it take?
Tom Navin from Rutland,Vermont wrote at February 25, 2012:
Life time member.No password.Not a computer whiz.Have never seen or connected with anyone I served with.
James (Jim) Speicher from Ohio wrote at February 25, 2012:
I served as a Tank Crewman on M60’s and M60A1’s between early 1968 through late 1969. Co. C, 1/33rd at Gelnhausen, Germany. I remember a lot of faces, and a few names like, (Mac) McCarthey, and Deffippo, Sgt. Raymon. Have a lot of memories, some good, and some not so good, but would like to see if anyone remembers me, and some of the crazyness of that time.
Jerry Yowler from Springfield, Ohio wrote at February 21, 2012:
Served as Bn Mail Clerk from Nov. 1959 till Feb. 1962. Capt. Sagona was my Hq. Co, Commander, and my boss was Bn. Adjutant, Capt. Schall. I was walking by the hospital, in Graf. the day of the arty accident, and couldn’t figure why all the choppers were landing on the golf course. I was in Germany when the wall went up, and my son was there when it came down.
Jim Woodrum from Georgetown, KY wrote at February 21, 2012:
Always looking for friends from Ray Barracks, Sgt. 1968-70
Fred Pedemonti from Hartford, CT wrote at February 20, 2012:
I have been trying to find my Grandfather for 5 years and just found on the WWII casualty list.
Erwin Sheldon Pvt 36th AIR 31464723 Infantry DOW. Died 1/20/1945
If anyone new him, please contact me. ttestates1@cox,net
Fred Pedemonti
Jim Pollock from Owosso, Michigan wrote at February 19, 2012:
I was Asst.Bn. Supply Sgt. (S-4) at Friedberg, Germany. Still Looking for some of the guys I was stationed with. Found 4 so far. If you remember me get in contact.
John R Marshall from Macon, Ga wrote at February 18, 2012:
I am sad to report that David L Smith died January 26, 2011 He was in B Co and HQ Co Davy Crockett of 3rd Bn 36th Infantry from 1964-1966
John R Marshall Davy Crockett Section 3rd Bn 36th Infantry 1963-1966
thomas e shannon from wellsville,ohio wrote at February 17, 2012:
For to many years now i have been trying to find some of my old army buddies that i served with while in Germany! I found one that had passed away this year,Alan A Jones,still,i search for,Lindel(tiny) Simpson,Tony Esposito,Keith Condon,John D Goodnough,and more that remember me,i’m finding it harder each year to remember the many names of old friends! Please,if u know any of these men,tell them where to find me! Thank’s Guys!
Hector R. Lopez Diaz from From Puerto Rico wrote at February 16, 2012:
I served with great pride under the 503rd MP Co. at Drake/Edwards as the unit supply specialist/armorer. Great site, will be joining soon.
Antonio Juarez, Ed.D. CPA from Hispanic wrote at February 16, 2012:
I am glad I found this website. Hope to hear from 503rd Finance Company Veterans or NCO Academy graduates. I was in first NCO Academy held in Drakes.
Richard Wilder from Virginia now Massachusetts wrote at February 10, 2012:
The 503 Avn Co, Hanau AAF, at Fligerhorst Kaserne was my home for a little over two years, from 1959 – 61. I was a fixed wing crew chief. Enjoyed the country, buddies in the 503d, and friends friends made across ‘red square’ in the 75th Artillery. Two of our off duty stops was a drive through the ‘push button’ in Langendiebach, or an evening at Ollies in Lagenselbold. Be nice to hear from anyone from back in the day.
michele bowden from ashland, va wrote at February 4, 2012:
Edwards kasern
E. Kallal from Tampa Bay, Florida wrote at February 3, 2012:
I am a Navy Veteran, and the Grandson of Leo Kallal, WWII 3rd Armored Corporal tank driver. He was WIA in 1944, while traversing France. A formation of armor came under attack by the “Jerrys,” and when his tank was hit, he was thrown up-and out-from his drivers compartment. I believe his Tank Commander was KIA when hit.
CPL Kallal went ashore on a Higgins boat-as infantry-on “D-Day.”
Sometime after D-Day, Kallal picked-up his tank.He was awarded a Bronze Star with combat “V,” and a Purple Heart, for actions on the day he was WIA. I have his uniform unit patches, his “Ruptured Duck” patch, and his Casket Flag (July 1997, Jerseyville, Illinois). “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.” Thanks “Spearhead”!
Bill Gulgin from Philadelphia Pa. wrote at February 2, 2012:
@Sgt Arnie Trudeau, wer you assinged to Hq.&A co. 122nd. your name sounds very familiar, I was there from March 72-March 75 motor pool, and various other duties.
Richard Richter from Hayward Wisconsin wrote at January 31, 2012:
Retired in 2004. Nice to reconnect with old friend from the Freidberg days..
John Cummins from 23rd combat engineers wrote at January 29, 2012:
John Phillip Cummins
James T. Gori from PA wrote at January 29, 2012:
RAFAEL HERNANDEZfrom JAYUYA, PUERTO RICO/USA wrote at January 29, 2012:
Gary Boothe from Virginia wrote at January 28, 2012:
In reply to the Oct 6 entry about Elvis and the EM Club, here is some info: There is a great aerial photo of Ray Barrack taken years before Elvis was there (usarmygermany.com) that shows the building already standing, so Elvis didn’t pay for the actual construction of the building. Possibly could have paid for renovation? It was in use as the EM Club at the time the bowling alley was installed in the building in1976. I spent plenty of time there before and after. Recent photos of Ray Barracks show the same building still standing. There is an addition of the back which I don’t believe was there in my time, but the building is unmistakable. It would be great to hear from anyone who can add more information.
JOHNNY L TORAIN from HAW RIVER NC wrote at January 27, 2012:
James A. Johnson from US wrote at January 26, 2012:
Been a long time, but I still remember it all! Everyday was an adventure and the experience remains a big part of my life.
Front and center!
Brother Jim Johnson
Paul G Mikusa from Ohio wrote at January 23, 2012:
Hello to all my brothers who served here, What a ride.
Tim Anderson Sr from Red Lion Pa wrote at January 18, 2012:
Sgt Gary Cate or anybody from that time (75-77) in Butzbach. E Mail me.
Jim Woodrum wrote at January 13, 2012:
I miss being able to view the entry’s unit and time served in 3rd AD. Is it possible to add.
Danny wrote at January 13, 2012:
Hello, im am Danny from Frankfurt. I search my Grandfather William Henry Davis. He was in 3D ARMORED DIVISION (Spearhead) 1962. Does anyone know him? He was stationed in Frankfurt. Please help me further.
Greetings from Frankfurt – Danny
Tim Anderson (Andy) from York Pa wrote at January 13, 2012:
Sfg Jim Lewis or Steve Kamps or Tim Wacker,Sgt Beets If any you see this, drop me a email. Or anyone else from that 75-77 later.
Fred Wolverton wrote at January 9, 2012:
Jim Melotte of the AMU where are you? Sgt. Bonner and Milo Long of the 45th Med, where did you go? swolverton@kc.rr.com Kansas City has not moved.
Fred Wolverton wrote at January 9, 2012:
Unforgettable guys: Opela, Russell, Belger, Long, Benedict, Smithenry, Sgt. Thorton and more with the 45th Med. in Frankfurt and plenty time at Graf. Melotte, Carter, Roberts, Groundhog, Jethro, Churchill, Sgt. LeBang and more at the AMU in Gelnhausen at the range. And of course, my dear Mary and Hannelore. All of you are in my heart. Always.
Al W. Bneton wrote at January 7, 2012:
Just checking in again, hoping to find more guys from Bn Maint HHC 2/36, ’63-’67. Is there a way to show Unit(s) and time served in the guestbook entry?
Happy and Healthy New Year to all!
dean frame from lancaster,california wrote at January 3, 2012:
Hello sun dragons hope u are all doing great. I miss charlie battery 5/3ada i was a great pleasure knowing you an being deployed wt all of you during operation desert sheild/storm. You all rock “HOOAH”
John R (Randy) Brock wrote at January 3, 2012:
Stationed at Drake Kaserne – 503rd Finance Company. Just heard from my old roommate Willie Young. Willie was the Supply Clerk and i was the Company Clerk. Willie is from Omaha, NE and i am from Bunker Hill, WV. Hopefully going to hook up this year.
Kevin Colson from 2-67 Armor wrote at January 2, 2012:
HelloJust looking to make contact with other 2-67 Armor Iron DukesKevin