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"In Omnia Paratus - In all things Prepared"
Coleman Kaserne - Gelnhausen, Germany


The 4th Battalion, 18th Infantry deployed from Gelnhausen, Germany. The main body of the battalion arrived in Saudi Arabia on or about 23 December 1990, and remained in theater until on or about 18 May 1991.  If you can add or correct any information on this roster, please send an e-mail.

4-18 Infantry Roster

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

First Platoon Photos from SSG Kelley

C Company

D Company

First Platoon Photos from David Priode


NOTE: A position presented in hypertext indicates a link to a photo of the soldier; a name presented in hypertext indicates an e-mail link.

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Fulcher, Robert J. LTC Currently 7th ATC CofS as COL
BN Cdr's HMMWV Driver  White, Douglas Sgt. currently an EN MAJ working as the S3 for MSU ROTC, as an AGR with the Michigan National Guard. (2003)
BN Cdr's BFV (HQ66) Gunner Strothers, Ruben "Chico" SGT currently stationed at Fort Benning and is in 3rd BDE 3rd ID, Rank is SSG
BN Cdr's BFV (HQ66) Driver Patterson, PFC
Battalion Executive Officer Kling, John MAJ Also served at the Advance Party commander.
BN XO's HMMWV Driver
Command Sergeant Major McBee, Johnny F. CSM Retired and living in SC
CSM's HMMWV Driver
BN FSO CPT Anthony Fiore
S1 Marburger, Troy CPT
Asst. S1
S1 - NCOIC (PAC Chief) Haney, Harold SFC
S1 - NCOIC  Kneppler, MSG
S1 - PAC Supervisor Milton, Grant III SSG BATTALION CSM FOR THE
S1 - SIDPERS Clerk Mitchell, David SGT
S1 - Legal Clerk Birks, Carl SPC
S1 - Awards Clerk Hammad, Fedrid CPL
S1 - NCOER Clerk Griffin, SPC
S1 - Mail Clerk Workman, Roger SPC
S1 - Mail Clerk Wilkens, Paul SPC
S2 - Intelligence Officer Carter, Bob CPT
Asst. S2 BICC Kelly, 2LT
S2 Intelligence Specialist Scott, Anthony currently assigned as a CW2 with the 66th MI Group, Darmstadt Germany (2003)
S2 Intel NCO
S2 Intel Specialist
S2 Intel Analyst
S3 - Operations Officer Fitch, James "Jim" MAJ
(12/03) Worked in banking in Chicago area, '91-'03.  Now living in Bradenton, FL; starting up a small manufacturing company (wire harnesses & cable assemblies).
S3 - HMMWV (HQ3) Driver
S3 - BFV (HQ33) Gunner Stewart, Don will retire this year and will remain at Fort Benning as the Installation Force Modernizations Officer GC -11
S3 - BFV (HQ33) Driver
Assist. S3 Griffith, Mark W. CPT Currently (2002) living in Germany.  A Major in the USAR.
Assist. S3
Assist. S3 Air Cantrall, Myles CPT
S3 Assist. NCOIC
S3 Section - Ops NCO Gould, Ed SSG Now (2002) a Captain commanding a company at Ft. Benning.
S3 Section
S3 Section Pool, Steve SFC BN Master Gunner
S3 Section
S3 Section
S3 Section - M577 Driver
S3 Section
S3 Section - Assist. S3 HMMWV Driver
Liaison Officer (LNO)
Liaison Officer (LNO)
Air Liaison Officer
S4 - Logistics Officer Sharpstein, Chris 1LT Currently a Major stationed at Fort Bragg.
Asst. S4
S4 - BN Ammo NCO Kemmis, Colin SSG

SSG Christian Childres

(1LT c. Sharpsten commented that SSG Kemmis was the best NCO he ever served with, SSG Kemmis was pre Deserrt Storm)
S4 Section - BN Ammo Specilaist Davidson, Robert CPL  Took over Ammo section after SSG Childres returnes CONUS due to death in Family
S4 Section Jones, SPC
S4 Section Jackson, SPC
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Chandler, Michael R. CPT Now a Major on active duty.
BN COMSEC Custodian
BN Chemical Officer
BN Chemical NCOIC
Physician's Assistant Richard, Joe CW2
Chaplain Howell, Charles CPT Currently (2002), serving as the Chief of Officer Training Division at the Chaplain Center and School at Fort Jackson, SC.
Chaplain's Assistant Hernandez, SPC
Position/rank/company unknown Sharpsten, Chris

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Headquarters and Headquarters Company

 Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Burnstein, Kent CPT  
Executive Officer Fall, Paul 1LT  
First Sergeant King, George Murray, 1SG

Kelley, Filmore 1SG

Supply Sergeant
Supply SPC Fraizer, SPC  
Commo NCO Hales, SFC  
HHC Commo Musser, SSG  
HHC Commo Walker, SSG  
HHC Commo Johnson, Edward SPC Medically discharged in 1992 due to leg injuries sustained in a vehicle accident in Iraq.
HHC Commo Miller, Cody SPC ALTERNATIVE MAIL: cody.miller@us.army.mil

currently serving in the oklahoma national guard( deployed
to arkansas) for operation noble eagle 3 (homeland defense) would like to
hear from any of you guys but mostly the commo plt

HHC Commo Bond, SPC
HHC Commo Hannah, SPC
HHC Commo Carpenter, Kenneth
Position/Rank Unknown Harmon, Donald
Position/Rank Unknown Stewart, Don

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Nickname: TJ  
Platoon Sergeant Perkins, Anthony SFC  
Gunnery Sergeant  
Position/rank unknown Weiss, Tony
Position/rank unknown Wood, Jeff
Position/rank unknown Nicholson, Tim PFC Nickname "Nickel Head"
1st Section Sergeant/FDC Chief Mitchell, SSG  
1st Section FDC
1st Section FDC Driver Fallen, SPC
1st Section FDC
2d Section Sergeant/FDC Chief Barnes, SSG
2d Section FDC
2d Section FDC Driver Melissent, Rob PFC
2d Section FDC    
Gun 1 Squad Leader Waterman, Brian SGT "Agua Dude"
Gun 1 Gunner  
Gun 1 Driver  
Gun 1  
Gun 2 Squad Leader Dean, Jeffery SGT
Gun 2 Gunner Fontaine, Tommy R. SPC
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner/Driver Rivera, Angel L. PFC
Gun 2
Gun 3 Squad Leader
Gun 3 Gunner
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner Fry, Jim PV2
Gun 3 Salazar, John PV2
Gun 4 Squad Leader Lindsey, Jay CPL RIP, Killed in Action on a road march to Kuwait.
Gun 4 Gunner
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner
Gun 4 Driver Starr, James, PFC Wounded in Action; received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.
Gun 4
Gun 5 Squad Leader
Gun 5 Gunner Miller, SPC
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner
Gun 5 Driver
Gun 5
Gun 6 Squad Leader
Gun 6 Gunner
Gun 6 Assist. Gunner

Scout Platoon

Position unknown
Position unknown
Platoon Leader - HQ21 Hammer, Mike 1LT
Gunner - HQ21 Harrington SGT
Driver - HQ21 Peek, Terry PFC
Dismount - HQ21 Ragain,Robert PFC From San Antonio, TX
Observer - HQ21
Platoon Medic - HQ21
Section Chief - HQ22 Ladd, Jimmy SGT
Gunner - HQ22 Schillinger, Lloyd C. SPC

Currently (2004) deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan with 3-4 CAV as a senior scout.

Driver - HQ22 Culison, David PFC
Observer - HQ22 Marrero, Juan SPC
Observer - HQ22 Miles, PVT
Observer - HQ22
Section Chief - HQ23
Gunner - HQ23
Driver - HQ23
Observer - HQ23
Observer - HQ23
Observer - HQ23
Platoon Sergeant - HQ24 Feiler SFC
Gunner - HQ24 Kory, Michael SPC
Driver - HQ24 Berry PFC
Observer - HQ24 Balio PFC
Observer - HQ24 Skidmore, Lasiter PVT Moved to HQ 26 after battle as observer
Observer - HQ24
Section Chief - HQ25
Gunner - HQ25
Driver - HQ25
Observer - HQ25
Observer - HQ25  
Observer - HQ25  
Section Chief - HQ26  
Gunner - HQ26  
Driver - HQ26  
Observer - HQ26  
Observer - HQ26  
Observer - HQ26  

 Support Platoon

Platoon Leader Castellanos, Miguel 1LT Currently a Major at CGSC in the AGR
Platoon Sergeant Jimmerson, SFC
Truck Master 88M30  
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr)  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Wood, Jeff SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Peterson, Drayton SPC currently in the US Navy working as an electronics technician
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Roof, Tony SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Hurt, Michael PFC  
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Hannah, "Junior" PFC
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Langdon, James PFC "Langoon"
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr) Lopez, CPL
HEMMT Driver (Cargo) Kizzee, Ken SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) 77F Cook, Chris SPC
HEMMT Driver (Fuel) 77F Sieber, Darin SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr) Porter, Ron SGT  
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr) Childress, SSG   
HEMMT Driver (Squad Ldr) Thompson, Greg SGT   
Food Service NCOIC Swimm SFC  
Food Service Admin NCO Arrendondo SGT  

 Medical Platoon

Platoon Leader Piacentini, Mike 1LT  
BN Surgeon Richard, Joe CW2
Senior PA Thompson, Danny CW2
Senior PA Vargas, Anthony CW3
Platoon Sergeant Chambers, Brian D. SSG  
Treatment NCO Sotiwong, Cha SGT
Treatment NCOIC Knight, Anthony SSG  
Evac. NCOIC Herbert, Richard SGT  
Evac. NCO McGuckin, Leo SGT
Evac. NCO Stafford, Mary SGT Attached from 45th Med
Evac. NCO Lee, Lance SGT
Evac. NCO Miller, Steve SGT
Medic HHC Schilling, Jason PVT  
Medic HHC Schenller, Thomas PFC  
Medic HHC Doucette, Curt SPC currently a SSG stationed at Ft Riley MEDDAC (2003)
Medic HHC Tomlin, Eugene PFC "Bubba"
Medic HHC Burton, Kenneth PFC
Medic HHC Mattimoe, Gordon PFC
Medic HHC Welker, Kenneth PFC
Medic HHC Gilpin, Sean SPC
Medic HHC Corbin, Coleen SPC Attached from 45th Med
Medic HHC Hillman, PFC
Medic HHC Larson, Chad PFC
Medic HHC Scout Platoon Adkins, Larry PFC  
Medic HHC Mortar Platoon Wilson, Marc PFC Now commissioned officer on active duty. 
Medic HHC Mortar Platoon Gilleland, Jason CPL  
Senior Medic A Co. Fontain, Gregory SGT  
Driver Medic A Co. Fernandez, Michael PFC  
Medic A Co. Moore, Daniel PFC
Medic A Co. Hernandez, PFC  
Medic A Co.  
Senior Medic B Co. Peters, Ronald SGT  
Driver Medic B Co. Bates, Dominick PFC  
Medic B Co. Osby, Darrel PFC  
Medic B Co. Hanley, James SPC "Top Jimmy" 
Medic B Co.  
Senior Medic C Co. Malone, Wesley SGT  
Driver Medic C Co. Heniz, SPC  
Medic C Co. Long, Kenneth PFC  
Medic C Co.  
Medic C Co.  
Senior Medic D Co. Acevedo, Arturo SGT  
Driver Medic D Co. Torres, Pete PVT  
Medic D Co. Barnes, Bowden SPC  
Medic D Co. McQueen, Kenneth PVT  
Medic D Co.  

 Battalion Maintenance Section

Battalion Maintenance Officer Dewhurst, Mark CPT Now (2002) a LTC stationed in Hawaii.
BMO's Driver Harmon, Donald Now (2002) a SFC on active duty.
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Siegler, Terry L. CW2 Retired in 1996, living in Washington state.
BMT's HMMWV Driver Lanham, Tony SPC
BMT's M113 TC Young, SGT
BMT's M113 Driver Grahm, SPC
BN Motor Sergeant
HHC Maint. Team Chief Acquino, Michael SFC
HHC PLL Clerk Fletcher, Chadwick SPC Currently serving as a Captain at Ft. Polk
Battalion Welder Santoyo, Ramiro SGT Retired as a Chief Warrant Officer.  In 2002, working as a civilian at Ft. Campbell, KY.
Battalion Welder
Track Mechanic (63T) Bacon, Sheldon
Track Mechanic (63T) Irish, SGT
Track Mechanic (63T) Anderson, Sean PFC Voluntarily transferred from 3/7 Cav (8 ID) in Mannheim just prior to Desert Shield.
Track Squad
Track Squad
Track Squad
Light Wheels
Light Wheels
Light Wheels
Light Wheels
Heavy Wheels
Heavy Wheels
Heavy Wheels
Generator Mechanic
QA Team Chief
M88 Driver (QA) Hill, SPC
M88 Crew Sullivan, SGT "Sully"
M88 Crew Brown, Joe PFC
M88 Crew George, PFC
Wrecker Operator Johnson, Scott SGT Now (2002) a SSG light wheel mechanic stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY.
Wrecker Operator
A Co. Maintenance Team Chief Davis, SFC
A Co. Mechanic Hood, SGT
A Co. Mechanic Oddo, Jimmy SPC
A Co. Mechanic Gerant, Rob SPC shockme668@yahoo.com
A Co. Mechanic Ryan, Rodney SPC
A Co. Mechanic Jones, Shannon PFC
A Co. Mechanic
B Co. Maintenance Team Chief Vinson, SFC
B Co. Mechanic 
B Co. Mechanic
B Co. Mechanic
B Co. Mechanic
B Co. Mechanic
B Co. Mechanic
B Co. Mechanic
C Co. Maintenance Team Chief
C Co. Mechanic Harms, Kevin
C Co. Mechanic
C Co. Mechanic
C Co. Mechanic
D Co. Maintenance Team Chief
D Co. PLL Clerk
D Co. Mechanic
D Co. Mechanic
D Co. Mechanic
Before Desert Storm there was a "E" Squad in the maintenance platoon assigned to "E" Company for maintenance of their M901 TOW launch vehicles. These vehicles were not taken to Desert Storm and thus the squad was disbanded shortly after getting to the desert.
E Co. Maintenance Team Chief Yandall SFC
E Co. Mechanic Tetreault, Phillip J. SPC (2003) Currently residing in Dallas, TX
E Co. Mechanic Washburn, Billy SSG
E Co. Mechanic Flatt SGT
E Co. Mechanic Young SGT
E Co. Mechanic Parrett, Dana SGT
E Co. Mechanic Cooper PFC
E Co. Mechanic Clay SGT
E Co. Mechanic
E Co. Mechanic

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Alpha Company "Gators"

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66) CPT Charlie Forshee currently the Professor of Miltiary Science at the University of Maine and will command a Bradley battalion at Fort Hood next in 2003
CDR's Gunner (A66) SGT Arnie Jones Currently Law enforcement officer
CDR's Driver (A66) SPC Michael Voglemyer
CDR's HMMVW Driver SPC Andrew Temple
Executive Officer
First Sergeant (A7) Soules, Frederic "Ric" 1SG Served as the Battalion Master Gunner (LTC St. Onge), Operations Sergeant
(LTC St. Onge & LTC Fulcher)and the 1SG (LTC Fulcher) of "A" Company GATORS.
1SG's Driver
Supply Sergeant
Commo Sergeant
Position/rank unknown Pac, Rick
Position/rank unknown Splawn, Bryan
Position/rank unknown Cyphers, Stephen
Position/rank unknown Moler, Robert
Position/rank unknown Hoefferle, John
Position/rank unknown Sprague, Billy Gunner A2?  What vehicle was this? DS rank unknown

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (A11) 1LT Mike Johnson
Gunner (A11)
Driver (A11)
Dismount (A11)
Dismount (A11)
Dismount (A11)
Dismount (A11)
BC (A12) Glass, SSG
Gunner (A12) Sprague, E.
Driver (A12) Moler, Robert
Dismount (A12) Cyphers, Steven E. SPC Currently living in Kato, Texas (2003)
Dismount (A12)
Dismount (A12)
Dismount (A12)
BC (A13)
Gunner (A13)
Driver (A13)
Dismount (A13)
Dismount (A13)
Dismount (A13)
Dismount (A13)
Gunner (A14) Barker, Donald R. SPC
Driver (A14)
Dismount (A14)
Dismount (A14)
Dismount (A14)
Dismount (A14)

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (A21) 1LT Tom Lopez
Gunner (A21) Campos, Diego SGT Currently serving in the Reserves with the 301st MP Company.
Driver (A21)
Dismount (A21)
Dismount (A21)
Dismount (A21)
Dismount (A21)
BC (A22)
Gunner (A22)
Driver (A22)
Dismount (A22)
Dismount (A22)
Dismount (A22)
Dismount (A22)
BC (A23)
Gunner (A23) 
Driver (A23)
Dismount (A23)
Dismount (A23)
Dismount (A23)
Dismount (A23)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (A24) SSG Moses
Gunner (A24)
Driver (A24)
Dismount (A24)
Dismount (A24)
Dismount (A24)
Dismount (A24)

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (A31) 1LT Mike Addis
Gunner (A31)
Driver (A31) Lynch, Eric SPC currently a Federal Agent
Dismount (A31)
Dismount (A31)
Dismount (A31)
Dismount (A31)
BC (A32)
Gunner (A32)
Driver (A32)
Dismount (A32)
Dismount (A32)
Dismount (A32)
Dismount (A32)
BC (A33)
Gunner (A33)
Driver (A33)
Dismount (A33)
Dismount (A33)
Dismount (A33)
Dismount (A33)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (A34) SSG Mike Jones
Gunner (A34)
Driver (A34)
Dismount Team Ldr (A34)
Dismount Team Ldr (A34)
Dismount (A34)
Dismount (A34)
Dismount (A34)

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Bravo Company

First Platoon Photos from SSG Kelley

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) Phillips, Anthony "Tony" B. CPT
CDR's Gunner (B66) Lauer, Anthony SGT currently an Ohio State Trooper in 2003
CDR's Driver (B66) Duell, Ted SPC
CDR's Sniper/Loader (B66)
CDR's HMMVW Driver
CDR's HMMVW Driver
Executive Officer (B65) Gubler, Stuart 1LT
Gunner (B65)
Driver (B65) Nunn, Vincent Travis SPC now a full time police officer with the City of Bellevue Ky. (2003)
Loader (B65)
First Sergeant Irvin, John 1SG Retired c.1995; living in Hanau, GE in '00
1SG's Driver Mandile, Phillip SPC now a SFC and an instructor at the Bradley Master Gunners School at Ft. Benning. (2003)
5-Ton Driver
Supply Sergeant
Supply Section Driver
Commo Sergeant
Commo Section Clark, David SPC Currently in Hanau at Pioneer Kaserne (2004)
Position/rank unknown Hernandez, Rudy was attached to the 4-18 inf from the 1-15th 3rd ID from Kitzigen
Position/rank unknown Deleon, Jorge
Position/rank unknown Rhodes, Kenneth
Position/rank unknown Berg, Carl
Position/rank unknown Spencer, Shawn

 1st Platoon      

Platoon Leader/BC (B11) Kramer, Cameron 1LT now a MAJ and is the XO for 1-41IN at Fort Riley
Gunner (B11)
Driver (B11)
Dismount (B11) Tornblom, Chris
Dismount (B11)
Dismount (B11)
Dismount (B11)
BC (B12)  (CREW PHOTO) Kelly, John SSG
Gunner (B12) Manibog, Bruno CPL
Driver (B12) Jones PFC
Dismount (B12) Radtke, Christopher SGT Dismount Team Leader. ETS in 1995; currently living in New Jersey.
Dismount (B12)
Dismount (B12)
Dismount (B12)
BC (B13) Miller, SSG
Gunner (B13) Diaz, Ramon SPC In 2001, a SFC assigned to Tripler AMC.
Driver (B13) James Jones, PFC ETS in 1996. SGT(P). Master gunner
Dismount (B13)
Dismount (B13)
Dismount (B13)
Dismount (B13)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B14)
Gunner (B14)
Driver (B14)
Dismount (B14)
Dismount (B14)
Dismount (B14)
Dismount (B14)

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B21) Beard, Paul 1LT
Gunner (B21) Harper, Terry SGT
Driver (B21) Ablang, Patrick PFC
Dismount Squad Leader (B21)
Dismount (B21) Findley, John PFC ETS'd from Ft. Rucker AL. 2000. Currently living in Dallas, TX.
Dismount (B21)
Dismount (B21)
Dismount (B21)
BC (B22) Shively, SSG
Gunner (B22) Ramirez, Rodrigo SPC
Driver (B22) Barnett, Vernon PFC
Dismount (B22)
Dismount (B22)
Dismount (B22)
Dismount (B22)
BC (B23)
Gunner (B23) "ALPHABET"
Driver (B23) DeLeon, Jorge PFC
Dismount (B23) Wilkinson, Patrick A. PFC all dismounted troops on B23 were sent from 8th I.D. 5-8th Dco "Death Warriors" In December 1990
Dismount (B23) Fordham, SGT
Dismount (B23) Romero, J. CPL
Dismount (B23) Lantz, R. PFC
Dismount (B23) Rugg, R. PFC
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B24) Mello, Mark D. SFC In 2002, a 1SG stationed at Ft. Benning
Gunner (B24)
Driver (B24) Thompson, Russell PFC or thompsonR@azpc.org
Dismount (B24)
Dismount (B24)
Dismount (B24)
Dismount (B24)

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (B31) Krebs, Joseph "Joe" 1LT Still active duty; a Major at Hohenfels, Germany in 2004
Gunner (B31) Massey, George SGT
Driver (B31) Reitz, William PFC "Yak"
Dismount (B31)
Dismount (B31)
Dismount (B31)
Dismount (B31)
BC (B32) Tuomoheloa, Simi Jr. SSG “T”
Gunner (B32) Douthit, Henry SGT “D”
Driver (B32) Klein, Joel PFC “Klein Time”
Loader (B32)
Dismount (B32)
Dismount (B32)
Dismount (B32)
Dismount (B32)
Dismount (B32)
BC (B33) Cook, Ron SSG
Gunner (B33) Oltjen, Bret SPC "OJ"
Driver (B33) Clark, Christopher L. PFC “Swamp Thing”
Dismount (B33)
Dismount (B33)
Dismount (B33)
Dismount (B33)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (B34) Paz-Soto, Nabol SFC Retired; managing Pioneer Kaserne NCO club in '00
Gunner (B34) Valle, Richard A. PFC "Ghostman"
Driver (B34) Knick, Rodney E. III SPC "Hot Rod"
Dismount Team Leader (B34)
Dismount (B34)
Dismount (B34)
Dismount (B34)
Dismount (B34)
Dismount 1st Squad Ldr. Cothron, John R. II (2003) currently stationed in Seoul Korea as the III Corps Liasion. Expecting a return to DS duty in May '04
Dismount Team Leader King, James M. SGT
Dismount Team Leader Strange, Kenneth SGT “Weird”
Dismount M60 Gunner - 1st Squad Gauze, James K. SPC "Goose"
Dismount Rifleman - 1st Squad Allende, Juan C. SPC “Juankee”
Dismount Rifleman - 1st Squad Reynolds, Bruce
Dismount Rifleman - 1st Squad Jones, Bruce PVT "Grandpa"
Dismount Rifleman - 1st Squad Masters, James T. Jr. PFC "Sleepy"
Dismount Rifleman - 1st Squad Figuero-Telemaco, PFC “Fig”
Dismount Rifleman - 1st Squad Reyes, Rafael Jr. SPC
Dismount 2d Squad Ldr. Baker, Claude SSG
Dismount Team Leader Davis, Curtis L. SGT Information provided by one contact states that Davis passed away in '93 or '94 at Ft. Benning.  “Chunky A”
Dismount M60 Gunner - 2nd Squad Hoiland, Jay D. PFC “McMoon”
Dismount Rifleman - 2d Squad Richmond, Richard PFC
Dismount Rifleman - 2d Squad Castillo, Joe L. PFC “Cujo”
Dismount Team Leader Lemons, Calvin
Dismount Rifleman - 2d Squad Linwood, Patrick D. PFC
Dismount Rifleman - 2d Squad McPhail, Andrew D. PFC
Dismount Rifleman - 2d Squad DeMello, Eric J. PFC
Dismount Rifleman - 2d Squad Hall, Scott  PV2
B33 Gunner before Oltjen Carr, Chad A. SPC

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Charlie Company "Cougars"

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (C66) Long, Thomas CPT
CDR's Gunner Pierson, Kevin SGT
CDR's Driver O'Quinn, Brian SPC
CDR's HMMVW Driver
Executive Officer Thor, 1LT
XO's Driver Parent, Marvin PFC Bradley M2A2
XO's Gunner Huff, SGT
First Sergeant Moss, George 1SG

Bonner, John 1SG

Change occurred 25 Feb 91 in Iraq.

1SG Bonner was the BDE Operations NCOIC prior to becoming 1SG.  Now retired.

1SG's Driver (M113 Driver) Rizer, Matthew PFC
Supply Sergeant McKiver, Mark A. SGT 23 Dec 90 to 18 May 91
Armorer Smith, John SGT Also served as 1SG's gunner.
Commo Sergeant
Position unknown Kemmis, Colin
Position unknown Valley, Erik SGT
Position unknown Futrell, Elmer SFC Platoon Sergeant for which platoon?

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (C11) Redecker, 2LT
Gunner (C11)
Gunner (C11)
Driver (C11)
Squad Leader (C11) Jennings, Willie E. SGT Before and after the ground offensive worked as the 2nd BDE HHC PAC Clerk.  Currently a SFC stationed at Ft. Jackson, SC.
Dismount (C11)
Dismount (C11)
Dismount (C11)
BC (C12)
Gunner (C12)
Driver (C12)
Dismount (C12)
Dismount (C12)
Dismount (C12)
Dismount (C12)
BC (C13)
Gunner (C13)
Driver (C13)
Dismount (C13)
Dismount (C13)
Dismount (C13)
Dismount (C13)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (C14) Hayes, SFC
Gunner (C14)
Driver (C14) Rossini, Philip PFC
Dismount (C14) Totoraitis, Bret PV2
Dismount (C14) - Squad Leader Castillo, SSG
Dismount (C14) - Squad Leader Marr, Guy SGT Replaced SSG Castillo prior to the ground offensive.
Dismount (C14) - Durbin, CPL
Dismounted position unknown

Muse, PFC

Dismounted position unknown Miller, SPC
Dismounted position unknown Gardner, PFC
Dismounted position unknown Whitney, PFC
Dismounted position unknown Montgomery, PV2
Dismounted position unknown McIntyre, PV2
Dismounted position unknown Williams, SPC "Big Will"
Dismounted position unknown Williams, SPC "Little Will"
Dismounted position unknown Vandervort, SPC
Dismounted position unknown Fassett, PFC
Dismounted position unknown Jackson, SGT
Gunner, Track # unknown Gramm, SGT
Gunner, Track # unknown Love, CPL
Gunner, Track # unknown Quinn, Anthony PFC
Driver, Track # unknown Antoine, PFC
Driver, Track # unknown Kincaid, PFC
Track & crew position unknown Mulligan, PFC
BC, Track # unknown Travis, SSG

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (C21) Gentles, Don 2LT now a MAJ and a Russian Foreign Area Officer at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (2003)
Gunner (C21) Bartolome, Eric SGT
Driver (C21) Halvorsen, PFC
Dismount (C21)
Dismount (C21)
Dismount (C21)
Dismount (C21)
BC (C22) Fajardo, Renato SSG
Gunner (C22) Valley, Erik SGT
Driver (C22) Berger, Michael SPC
Dismount (C22) Nash, CPL
Dismount (C22) Dietrich, PFC
Dismount (C22) Reinersmann, PFC
Dismount (C22) Stein, PVT
BC (C23) Mole, Lee SSG
Gunner (C23) Mattson, Eric SPC
Driver (C23) Ross, John PFC
Dismount (C23) Edge, Greg SGT
Dismount (C23) Hein, Douglas A. PFC
Dismount (C23) Gilbert, PVT
Dismount (C23)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (C24) Musgrove, Steve SFC
Gunner (C24) Perry, Steve SGT
Driver (C24) Garcia, Richard A. PFC
Dismount (C24) Cendajas, PVT
Dismount (C24)
Dismount (C24)
Dismount (C24)

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (C31) Norman, _LT
Gunner (C31) Gramm, Eddie SGT
Driver (C31) Neil, Thomas PFC
Dismount Squad Ldr (C31) Fulks, Ron SGT Also the Gunner.
Dismount Team Ldr (C31) Willis, SGT
Dismount SAW Gunner (C31) Taaca, Timothy PFC
Dismount SAW Gunner (C31) White, Clarence PFC Combat Medic
Dismount M203 Gunner (C31) Stathes, Jimmy Desert Storm rank unknown
Dismount RTO (C31) Soto, Sammy PV2
BC (C32) Bunker, SSG
Gunner (C32) Gray, Juloon SPC
Driver (C32) Gladding, SPC
Dismount (C32) McAlister, SGT Promoted to SSG shortly after DS.
Dismount (C32) Jenkins, SGT
Dismount (C32) James, Thomas PFC M-60 Gunner
Dismount (C32) McElrath, Michael D. PFC Dragon Gunner
BC (C33)
Gunner (C33)
Driver (C33)
Dismount Team Leader (C33) SSG Morley, Michael
Dismount (C33) Pulliza, Kenneth SGT Currently serving as the Div. Master Gunner for 3BDE, 1CAV Fort Hood, Texas
Dismount (C33) PFC Welch
Dismount (C33) PV2 Miller
Dismount (C33)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (C34)

Weatherspoon,  SFC

 McMullan SFC

Gamble, SFC

SFC Weatherspoon took over in Iraq.
Gunner (C34) Matthew Tenney SGT
Driver (C34)
Dismount  Team Leader (C34) SGT Davis
Dismount (C34) Benes, Jesse  Dragon Gunner.  Currently (2002) a SSG working as a Station Commander at the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion.
Dismount (C34) SPC Martinez   Currently a SSG at Fort Riley (2004)
Dismount (C34)  Mize, Mike PFC
PV2 Curtis
SPC Neal

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First Platoon Photos from David Priode

History of Team Whiskey

Delta Company (task organized, TF 4-8 CAV  TEAM WHISKEY)
 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (D66) Przybyzewski, CPT
CDR's Gunner
CDR's Driver
CDR's Loader
CDR's HMMVW Driver Beaulieu,SPC
Executive Officer Perrier, Bradley 1LT (from 89-90)
First Sergeant Smith, Terlazzo 1SG
1SG's Driver Steensnaes, Frank H. PFC


Currently a business advisor in San Diego (2003)

Supply Sergeant Clay, Jimmy SGT
Supply Clerk
Commo Sergeant
NBC NCO Windhorst, SGT
Training Sergeant Alexander, SGT
Commo Sergeant Boardley, SSG
Position unknown Johnson, SFC
Position/rank not known Thomas, Ron
Position/rank unknown Webb, Brad
Position/rank unknown Woods, John
Position unknown Kelly, John
Position unknown Outzen, John

1st Platoon (taken from roster provided by David Priode)

Platoon Leader/BC (D11)

Stefanichik, 2LT


Gunner (D11)

Bishop, Jim SGT

  Retired US Army

Driver (D11)

Brennen, PFC


BC (D12)

Anderson, SSG


Gunner (D12)

Gonzalez, SPC


Driver (D12)

Boelz, Robert PFC


BC (D13)

Glass, Michael SSG


Gunner (D13)

McCloskey, Tom SPC


Driver (D13)

Splawn, Brian PFC


Platoon Sergeant/BC (D14)

Johnson, Alfred SFC


Gunner (D14)

Shadix, Chris PFC


Driver (D14)

Vincent, PFC


1st Squad Dismount Squad Leader

Priode, David SGT

Asst. Squad Leader

Peerson, Carl SGT


Saw Gunner

Stebbins, Robert PFC


Saw Gunner

Lane, Kevin PV2



Jansen, William PFC


Anti Armor

Riddel, David PVT


Anti Armor

Matthews, arl PFC


2nd Squad Dismount Squad Leader

Harrelson, SGT


Asst. Squad Leader

Bell, SGT


Saw Gunner

Black, Gary PFC


Saw Gunner

Birchfield, James PFC



Hill, Troy PVT


Anti Armor

Lawrence, Richard PFC


Anti Armor

Stanford, Reginald PFC



Blanton, James PFC

Now commissioned in the U.S. Army

2d Platoon (as of 12 April 1991 taken from roster provided by Jon Tellier)

Platoon Leader/BC (D21) 1LTJon Tellier
Gunner (D21) Hartman, SGT
Driver (D21) PVT Busack
RTO (D21) PFC Adams
Squad Leader (1st Squad) SSF Beechmam
SAW (1st Squad) PVT Knapp
R (1st Squad) PFC Yoo
R (1st Squad) PVT Allen
BC (D22) SSG Irwin
Gunner (D22) PFC Roberson
Driver (D22) PVT Low
B (1st Squad) SGT Robichaud
SAW (1st Squad) SPC Rivenburg
SAW (1st Squad) PFC Gutierrez
MG (1st Squad) PFC Hazelton
BC (D23) SSG Bright
Gunner (D23) PFC Gardner
Driver (D23) PVT Ceaplewski
A (2nd Squad) SGT McNiel
SAW (2nd Squad) PFC Raya
R (2nd Squad) PFC Forbes
R (2nd Squad) PFC Early
Platoon Sergeant/BC (D24) SFC Jones
Dismount (D24) SGT Parker
Dismount (D24) PVT Miller
Squad Leader (2nd Squad) SGT Williams
B (2nd Squad) SPC Night
SAW (2nd Squad) PVT Araniva
SAW (2nd Squad) PVT Holtzclaw

3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/BC (D31)

Sharpstein, Chris 1LT

Maier, Marcus 1lt 

(from 89-90)

Desert Storm

Gunner (D31) Welch, Vance  SGT 
Driver (D31)
Dismount (D31)
Dismount (D31)
Dismount (D31)
Dismount (D31)
BC (D32)
Gunner (D32) Johnson, Tim CPL 
Driver (D32)
Dismount (D32)
Dismount (D32)
Dismount (D32)
Dismount (D32)
BC (D33) Washington, Edward  SSG 
Gunner (D33)  Czajkowski, Tony SGT
Driver (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Dismount (D33)
Platoon Sergeant/BC (D34)
Gunner (D34) Tenney, Matthew SGT 
Driver (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount (D34)
Dismount (D34)
D Co. position unknown Weis, PFC
D Co. position unknown Wilson, SSG
D Co. position unknown Peerson, SGT
D Co. position unknown Bittinger, SPC
D Co. position unknown Springer, SPC
D Co. position unknown Mulliuns, SPC
E. Co. position unknown Whitney, Marc

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