John Powell


John Powell Desert Storm Photos


Charlie  Company 533rd MI in Action

Antenna Rides

Apache 1

Apache 2

Buddy Bueno and Mike Butcher

Bunker 1


Bunker 2

Bunker 3

Cal Molina

Colleen and John Sadewater

CPT Kepf

David Moore

David Moore 2

David Moore , Hal Shoffeit & Mike Martin

Destroyed 1

Destroyed 2

Destroyed 4

Destroyed 5

Destroyed 6

Destroyed 7

Destroyed 8

Destroyed 9

Destroyed 10

Destroyed 11

Destroyed 12

Destroyed 13

Destroyed 14

Destroyed 15

Destroyed 16

Duke's award winning latrine

Eric Ramos, Pete Kaufman & Mark McGinnis

Gary Boswell and Larry Duke

Gary Boswell, Phil Spry and Larry Duke

Hal Shoffeit and Tammy Dixon

Jim Lussier

Joanne Haebig & Jose Gonzalez

Joel  Kondas

John Klink

John Lilly and John Klink


John Powell 1

John Powell 2

John Powell 3

John Powell 4

John Powell and Roy Scarpato

Jose Gonzalez

Kevin McGinnis

Missy Garner & Ted Gottschalk

Mike Butcher


Pete Kaufman

Shawna Martin

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