533d MI BN


533rd Military Intelligence Battalion
(McNair Barracks, Frankfurt, Germany)

 Battalion Profile Series

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533rd MI Battalion Roster

Roster Directory:

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Headquarters and Headquarters Company

A Company

B Company

C Company

D Company

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     Battalion Headquarters and Staff              

 Position Name Remarks
Battalion Commander  Shirah, Henry LTC
Executive Officer Browning, Susan MAJ
Battalion Command Sergeant Major Cook, Walton CSM
S-1 Hidalgo, Andee 1Lt
S-2 Swanson, Andrew CW2
S-3 Seitz, Paul CPT
S-4 Shipman, Tanya 1LT

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Headquarters and Headquarters Company


 Position Name Remarks
Commander Letarte, Lee R. CPT
Executive Officer Enselen 1LT
First Sergeant/NCOIC S-3 Drost, Jim 1SG
First Sergeant Roberts  1SG
1SG’s HMMWV Driver
Supply Sergeant
Supply Section
Supply Section
Cook Adkins, Debbie
NBC NCO/Armorer Waite, Tim
Commo NCO
Commo Section
Commo Section
Commo Section
S-1 OIC Hidalgo 1LT
S-2  OIC  M-577 Swanson, Andrew CW4
S-2 Lawlar, David  
S-2 Aguilar, Faith  
S-3 Lambert SGT
S-3 OIC Seitz  CPT
S-3 Asst Rigenback, Todd  CPT
S-3/Staff Linton  SGM
S-3/Staff Pahr   Susan SSG
S-3/Staff Bunker  SSG
S-3/Staff Holt  SGT
S-3/Staff Arnold  SGT
S-4 OIC Shipman 1LT
S-4/Staff Boone, Clarence E. CW4      Died of a Heart attack Dec 03 2005 in Kuwait w/4th ID
S-4/Staff Gee  SSG
S-4/Staff Sherman  PFC
S-4/Staff Delgado  PFC
S-4/Company Leachman SPC
TCAE Nolen CW1
TCAE Smith CW2
TCAE Jenkins, SGT
TCAE Johnson SFC
TCAE Martinez SGT
TCAE Pickering SGT
TCAE Jordan, Cynthia SGT
TCAE Johnson SGT
TCAE Barbour SPC
TCAE Crabtree SPC
TCAE Palubecki , Wayne SGT
TCAE Butler,  SPC
TCAE Campos, SPC
TCAE Perrigo, SPC
TCAE Lussier, SPC
TCAE Jones, Wayne Craig  SPC
TCAE Duckworth, PFC
TCAE Vance, Lance PFC
TCAE McCarron,  PFC
Signal Maintenance Walker Curtis SPC
Molina William
Signal Maintenance OIC Summers CW3
Signal Maintenance NCOIC Martinez-Irizarry  SSG G-2 SM Pentagon
Signal Maintenance Doss, SPC
Signal Maintenance English, SPC
Signal Maintenance Fau, SPC
Signal Maintenance Gonzales, SPC
Motor Pool/BMO Nolan 1LT
Motor Pool/ASST BMO Schmitt CW2
Motor Pool/NCOIC Shull SFC
Motor Pool Negron SGT
Motor Pool Dumler  Donald SGT Retired MSG  in UK
Motor Pool Gainvors SGT
Motor Pool Grawe SGT
Motor Pool Jackson SGT
Motor Pool Reed
Motor Pool Rivera SGT
Motor Pool Hicks, Scott SPC  
Motor Pool Walker, Richard SGT  
Motor Pool Clinesmythe, Derrick SPC  
Motor Pool Niemela PV2
Dining Facility NCOIC Milligan, MSG
Dining Facility Assistant NCOIC Eagleton, Roger SSG
Dining Facility Adm NCOIC King SGT
Dining Facility Hill PFC
Commo/Bn Hines SFC
Unknown Bemboom, Jamie SPC
Unknown Lewis, Thurman SSG
Signal Maintenance Wetherholt, Dwidgt SGT Retirerd Defense Contractor MD
Signal Maintenance Support NCOIC for Co A Myers, Douglas SSG  Retired 1998 at Fort Huachuca, AZ
Unknown Stammeyer, Kurt SGT
Unknown Maier, John
Unknown Colin, Gerald
Unknown Delegado, J. SSG
Unknown Shepler, Scott SPC
Unknown Dumler D. Blaine SGT
Unknown Mack SGT
  Morgan, Albert  
  Morris, John  






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Alpha Company

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (A66) Breen, Jeffery CPT
1SG Holtz,Fred 1SG
A Co Plt Ldr Langland, Karla 1LT
Position Unknown Sadewater, Colleen
Position Unknown Mark Turner
Position Unknown Dixon, Tammy
Position Unknown Haebig, Joanne
Janssen,  Glenn
3rd Platoon  1st Squad Pahr, Mike
3rd Platoon Plt Ldr Spady Kini  Lt






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Bravo Company

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (B66) Urqhart, Marty CPT
XO GSR Platoon Leader Carmen, Pino 2LT
First Sergeant Roberts, David  1SG
GSR PSGT Tatum Aaron SSG
GSR Team Squad Leader Briggs SGT
GSR Team leader Keys,  SGT
GSR team squad leader Gibbs,  James SGT
GSR Team Team leader Manuel  Ronnie SGT
GSR Team team leader Debee,  Paul SGT
GSR TM Team leader Hewitt Cary CPL
GSR TM Team Leader Fraser, Doug
GSR Team leader Kelly Dan
GSR Team Driver/SR Radar oper Buice Dave
GSR Team SR radar oper Nelson Lance SPC
GSR Team Moomaw, Leland SPC
GSR Team Jones, Wayne Craig  SPC
GSR SR Radar Oper Veecee Tom
GSR Driver/SR Radar Oper Halvorson Danny
SR Radar Oper Harmon Kelly
Unknown Keys, Kevin
Unknown Mecier Jon
Unknown Pino, Carmen
SR Radar Oper Portillo Daniel
SR/Radar Oper Bohan Fred
GSR Team Driver/SR Radar Oper Uyeda Mike
GSR Driver/SR Radar Oper Bromby Jeff
GSR Driver/SR Radar oper Francois
GSS Team Driver/SR Radar Oper Phelps, ChristopherPFC
GSR Driver/SR Radar Oper Dubois Wayne
GSS Team SR RadarOper Rose SPC
GSR Team  Kelly, SSG
GSR Team Frazer, SGT
CI Team Edwards, Paul
GSR SR Radar Oper Lester, William CPL
Unknown Baker , Todd
Driver SR Radar operator Christopher Alliey
Lewis, Robert
Nelson, Angelo E.






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Charlie Company

 Position Name Remarks
Commander (C66) Kepf, Nicholas CPT C-6 (HMMWV)
1SG Johns, Melvin SFC
Commander Driver Brown, Benjamin C-6 (HMMWV)
HQ Section Johns, Melvin SFC C-8 (HMMWV)
HQ Section Gonzalez SGT C-8 (HMMWV)
HQ Section Wukits, Brian SSG M577 track & C-4 Truck
HQ Section Barbour, Joseph SGT
HQ Section Fain- Weeks  Catherine SGT
HQ Section Blum, Robin SGT
HQ Section King, SGT
HQ Section Ipsen, Chris SPC
HQ Section Choat, Ronald SGT C-44 (HMMWV)
HQ Section Murphy, SPC
1SG Driver Gonzalez, Jose

SIGINT Platoon

Plt. Leader 1LT Crowley, Marc C-30 (HMMWV)
Plt. Sgt      SSG Warring, Richard
1st Squad  SGT. McGinnis Kevin C-21 &21t (M1015 track w/tsq-138 Trailblazer
Squad member Gonzalez, Vian SPC
Squad member Scarpato, Roy SPC
Squad member Moore, David SGT C-22
Squad member Beuno. Buddy

SIGINT 2d Squad

2nd Squad Leader Gaines, Joel SGT C-21 & 23T ( M1015) Track w/TSQ-138
squad member Sampson SGT C-36
squad member Duke, Larry SPC
squad member Boswell, Gary  SPC

SIGINT 3d Squad

3rd Squad Leader Butcher, Micheal SGT C-25 & 25T (M1015 track w/TSQ -138
Squad member Shoffeit, Hal SGT C-26
Squad member Powell, John SGT
Squad member Kondas, Joel SPC
Squad member Spry, Phillip SPC
SIGINT 4th Squad
4th Squad Leader Martin, Micheal C-27 & 27T (M1015 Track w/TSQ -138
Squad member Towne, Thomas SGT C-28 ( HMMWV
Squad member Cundiff, Sean SPC
Squad member Hatch, Robert SPC
Squad member Patterson, Chris SPC

SIGINT 5th Squad

5th Squad Leader Bueno Buddy SGT C-29 & 29T (M1015 track w/TSQ-138
Squad member Graham, Ronald SGT
Squad member Lussier, James SPC
Squad member Kaufman, Peter SPC
Squad member Haeflinger, Andy SPC
Squad member Harvey, Joe SPC

ELINT Platoon

Plt. Leader 1Lt Crowley, Marc C-30 (HMMWV)
Plt. SGT SSG. Godfrey, James C-34 (HMMWV)
Strey, Carol
Squad member Garner, Melissa SPC

ELINT 1st Squad

1st Squad Leader Sadewater, Randolph SSG C-31 (M1015 track w/TSQ-103c Teampack
Squad member Bryant, Thomas SGT
Squad member Molina, Cal SGT
Squad member Gonzales, Micheal SPC
Squad member Spearman, Benjamin SPC
Squad member Martin, Shawna PFC
Squad member Treiber, Julia SPC
Squad member Bueno, Buddy

ELINT 2d Squad

2d Squad Leader Lilly, John SSG C-33 (M1015 track w/MSQ-103C Teampack 
Squad member Johnson, Wilda SGT C-41
Squad member Klink, John SGT
Squad member Stanley, Eric SPC
Squad member Kaufman, Pete

ELINT 3d Squad

3d Squad Leader Burns, Randall SGT C-24
Squad member Ramos, Erik  SGT C-35(M1015 track w/MSQ-103C Teampack
Squad member Gottschalk, Ted SPC
Squad member Treiber, Julia SPC
Squad member Endrizal, Brian SPC






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Delta Company

 Position Name Remarks
Commander Volesky, Gary CPT Now a LTC
1SG Stites, Gerald SFC
XO Haun 1LT  
HQ Supply Section Gonzalez,  SGT  
NBC NCO Woelzein, Mark D.  
HQ NBC Section Walker, SGT  
  LRSU Team 1  
Team 1 Team Leader Nizza, John M. SSG  
Team 1 Jolly, George PFC  
  LRSU Team 2  
Team 2 Team Leader Ingram, SSGH  
Team 2 Burnette PFC  
Team 2 RTO Anderson, Andre PFC  
  LRSU Team 3  
Team 3 Team Leader Morrero, SSG  
Team 3 Asst Team Leader Walker, David  SGT  
Team 3 Senior Scout Lofton, Eric SPC  
Team 3 Scout Endrizal, Brian D. PFC  
Team 3 RTO Bumpus, Steve  PFC  
Team 3 Scout Broome, SPC  
Team 3 LRSD Lights, Ronald PFC  
  LRSU Yeam 4  
LRSD Team 4&6 Koch, Bryan SPC  
  LRSU Team 5  
Team 5 Team Leader Rhett, Philip S. SGT  
Team 5 Asst. Team Leader Holly. SGT  
Team 5 Junior Scout Pettit, Frank  
Position Unknown McNeese, David SGT  
Position Unknown Hedrick, SPC  
Position Unknown Richards, Richard SPC  
Team 5 Senior Scout Ellis, James  SPC  
Team 5 RTO Parks, Dan PFC  
Team 5 RTO Oviedo  
  LRSU Team 6  
Team 6 Team Leader Pitts, Donald P. SGT  
Team 6 Guieterez, SPC  
  Commo PLT  
Relay Sec Pucket, Anthony J. PFC  
Relay Sec Baker, James L. SPC  
Relay Sec Morgan, James J. T. SPC  
Relay Sec Morgan, Roy PFC  
Relay Sec Stuart, Christian  
Relay Sec Ovoedo, Martin  PFC  
Relay Sec Parks, Dan S. PV2  
Arms Room/Asst Supply Sergeant  

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