Michael Watts Photo’s


The Following Photo's are from Michael Watts      


Larry Bellente,second row Spc James Taylor,Sgt Earl Gay,Pfc James Craig,Cpl Gordon. Back row Spc David Makela and unkown Spc James Taylor and SSg Joseph Seymore
Spc Brown & Spc Johnston Camel train in Saudi
Spc Watts & Spc Craig Lt John Blair
Lt John Blair Spc Makela
Spc Paulsen " Pauley" our mechanic Spc Johnston show how to properly wear the spearhead patch
Our delux accomedation near Basara,Iraqi Kuwait City
2nd Bdes emblem Iron Brigade Kuwaite oil fields on fire
2nd Platoon office on highway 1 near Basare SPC Wilson
Signs on Highway 1 near Basara Wolf  the mcdonald in the deserted
The "A team Spc James Taylor,SSG Joseph Seymore& SPC Michael Watts    
SSG Joseph Seymore Captured Iraqi weapons
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